Things I Want to Eat

The first 10-ish weeks of this pregnancy haven’t been all that much craving induced (unlike the last pregnancy, where I ate nothing but cheeseburgers for 3 months).  But in the past couple of weeks, I’ve been wanting nothing but deviled eggs and pastry.

As for the pastries, I’ll take any variety, please!  Doughnuts, croissants, fritters, danishes – if it’s sweet and buttery/fried I will eat it.  Yesterday I bought four danishes for Rob and I – two each.  There’s one left… who wants to guess who gets to eat it?  Yeah, that won’t be me (Yes, I ate two danishes yesterday.  I am gross.). 

But mostly, I want deviled eggs.  ALL THE TIME.  This means that I’ve been boiling a lot of eggs lately, and impatiently waiting through the chill/”meld” time that you’re *supposed* to wait after you’ve put the filling back in the eggs. 

I’ve found that it’s not actually a lot of work.  I don’t get all fancy, piping the yolk mixture back into the whites.  I just slap it in with a spoon.  Baby doesn’t care if it’s fancy, and I can’t be bothered to wash an icing bag every couple of days.  I’ve also found that if you use a little bit of forethought and turn your eggs on their sides in the carton the day before you’re going to make some deviled eggs, the yolk is much more centered in the white, which makes it easier to get the yolks out (and you’re less likely to break the side of the white where it may or may not be really thin). 

I’ve only tried this recipe so far, but I really want to try some of the others, like her horseradish one, or the “little bit devlish” one.  If you’ve never made them before (which I hadn’t, before I started craving them), there’s even a nifty “how to” guide, which takes you step by step throught the process (with pictures!).  So it’s great to find out how to get nice yellow (not grey) yolks, and has the tip about turning the eggs sideways in their cartons. 

For my personal comsumption, I only make 3 eggs at a time (I usually boil six, so I can make some more a day or two later… or that night, if the mood strikes), so I end up halving the yolk mixture.  It makes somethings a bit tricky (you have to scoop a 1/4 teaspoon of vinegar, not pour it), but I usually won’t eat 6 deviled eggs (or 12 halves) in one sitting, and I don’t love to store them. 

Well, my cooling time is almost up, so now instead of just talking about eggs, I’m going to go eat some.  Yum!