The Geek in Me…

…wants to make sure that you know about The Guild, and their new music video (Date my Avatar).

The Guild is a web-based show (short episodes, about 5 minutes each) about a group of people that play a guild on an MMO (uh… think World of Warcraft).  Those of you in the know (so, Rob and maybe Hanna?) also know about my mad girl-crush on Felicia Day, the mastermind behind the show, who plays the main character on the show (she’s the redhead, you can’t miss her).  You can view The Guild on Youtube, and might I suggest you do, starting with Season 1 (there are two available right now – season 3 is in production).

ANYWAY.  They’ve recently done a music video, and it’s most excellent.  It makes me laugh.  A lot.  And maybe not everyone will think it’s super hilarious, but I love it. 

Date My Avatar (doooo it!  Watch it!)