A (Theoretical) Diaper Making Machine

With this new bean, I’ve been thinking a lot about what we’re going to put on his/her bum.  As most of you know, we cloth diapered Kitten when she was about 8 months old so cloth diapering a newborn is a brand new experience for me. 

I’ve really sorted through my options – fitteds, pockets, prefolds, etc.  I’ve decided to do a mix bag (surprise!), and get some of each.  So far, I’ve bought 12 infant sized prefolds (SO TINY! OMG!).  When I was talking on the forum I go to about newborns, one of my friends linked up a pattern for making newborn sized fitted diapers.  This is right up my alley (fitteds = poop containment in my mind), so I cranked out two flannel diapers, made from some old flannel and bath towels I had around the house.

Newborn Diaper

Diaper Inside

After sucessfully making two diapers like that, I decided that I could probably do a minimal fitted stash for very little money.  At this point, I decided to purchase a pair of snap pliers to put snaps on the diapers.  I am so excited to get this, you have no idea!  As soon as I get them, I have 4 more diapers just like the above ones to crank out (I prefer to make “hidden” snaps, ones that don’t touch the baby, so you have to put the snaps on before you finish sewing the diaper up).

THEN (because I don’t understand just trying something out), I decided to order some diaper fabrics.  So I currently have on order: 1 diaper cut of PUL (lime with white polka dots) and 1 diaper cut of white suede cloth (for making a pocket diaper – PS a diaper cut is just a small cut of fabric, usually around 20″ x 20″), 1 yard of cotton velour (for the soft, squishy insides of fitteds), 1 cut of bamboo fleece (very absorbent!), 1 cut of this gorgeous striped fabric, and 1 cut of this adorable owl fabric.  These two patterns will be on the outside of the fitteds with the velour on the inside.  I am GIDDY with anticipation of all the CUTE diapers I am going to make! 

So I’m going to be a diaper making machine.  I’m not right now because I need my supplies, but that’s besides the point.  I wish I had all this stuff right now so I could get started! Ha ha!  I just have to pick up some matching threads (for the new diapers) and some elastic… which means I have to chose between Polybraid and Lastin… I’m off to google which one is better! 😉

(PS, I haven’t been around much due to feeling crummy.  I’m better morning sickness wise, but I have an awful cold, and I am a JOY to be around when I have a cold.  I’ll update with belly pictures and stuff some time soon.  Oh, and more knitting stuff.  I have more knitting to show you, as always)