I can has nap?


Hello people!  I have been knitting.  A lot, in case you were wondering, so I have some pictures for you (cue rejoicing): 

Another skirtie for another client – very fun knit, and had approximately 1 yard of yarn left!  Phew!

Another Skirtie!

Socks, for a client:

Knit Socks

2×2 Ribbed scarf in grey alpaca blend. I really like this scarf, it’s so soft, but it sheds a wee bit and that annoys me. Good thing it’s not for me!

Ribbed scarf

Cold Mountain Stole – my first lace-weight project. This one has been on the needles for a while, but it’s my back up projects – not something I work on all the time. I have had had some errors in it, but for the most part I am ok with it. Frankly, I don’t want to go back and redo any of it. I wasn’t smart enough to put in lifelines as I went, so I’ll have to start doing that with the next pattern section. (this is only 2 pattern repeats in the FIRST section, there are three more sections after this, each with 3 repeats in them)

Cold mountain stole

Here are some shorts I did for a client. I don’t love how the yarn pooled, but it was kind of impossible to work with. I only had one ball and despise working from both ends of the ball (usually turns into a giant mess). The client is happy enough with them, so I’m glad about that. I tried out a garter stitch gusset, and found that I really like it, and the reason that I didn’t like it before was because I had done it wrong! Ha ha ha…

Colleen's Summer Storm Capris

I made this ridged lace cowl for myself. I super love the colours, and if you remember from before, it took me a long time to decide what to do with it. It was my first EVER $$ yarn purchase ($20 for a ball), and it was hand-dyed just for me. I super love how it came out.

Ridged lace cowl, flat

In action:

Ridged Lace Cowl with Belly

If you are looking at that picture thinking “geez, Kait, it looks like you’ve gained weight”, you’d be correct. About 3 pounds. But not only have I gained weight, I am gaining a NEW PERSON. So yes, pregnant (although I’m pretty sure that EVERYONE already knows, but you know, in case I missed any one).

Here are the things that everyone cares about:

  • I’ll be 9 weeks along tomorrow (Tues). 
  • I have been nauseated constantly, but have really only thrown up once.  This is a significant change from when I was pregnant with Kitten, as I think I only felt sick once or twice, and never puked. 
  • I’m not sleeping very well because my belly has already popped out and I’m fairly uncomfortable laying on my tummy.  I am grumpy about this because I still have 31 weeks (!!!) to go and be uncomfortable. 
  • Rob and I are very excited, but we haven’t really told Kitten yet.  It’s a very long time still until the baby is born, and I don’t think she has much of a concept of time yet.  We will tell her once it becomes more obvious, and especially once she can feel the baby moving.  Presently, I am trying to help her understand that Mommy doesn’t like to have her tummy touched/kicked/pushed on, and that she needs to NOT jump on the couch that Mommy is sitting on.  This is hard for her, but harder for me to keep any kind of food down during the bouncing around! 😉 
  • I have my first midwife appointment on Wednesday, and I am very excited. 
  • We don’t get our first ultrasound until sometime in October (mid to late Oct. if you’re keeping score at home).
  • I am wearing maternity pants, because I can’t seem to get my regular jeans to do up.
  • I’m a full size smaller than when I had Kitten, which is very exciting, except that I have very few maternity clothes that fit.  I’ve been gifted some beautiful, gently used things, for which I am especially grateful.
  • Yes, we’re picking out the names already, and no, I won’t share them. 

Things, otherwise, are continuing as normal.  Kitten’s birthday is today… I can’t believe she’s 2 already!  Blows my mind.  Once I get some pictures of the festivities, I’ll put them up.