Things that Annoy Me: Dog Owners Edition

I went for a walk today, and decided that I don’t like the dog owners in our area very much. Well, maybe I only dislike SOME of them. Here’s why…

1. People who have so much dog crap in your back yard that I can smell it from the walking path, that’s disgusting. At 10 in the morning. When it’s not even hot out yet.
2. People who don’t pick up after their dog. When it poops next to the side walk, and I have to walk past it. GROSS. I really can’t stand it when people don’t scoop the poop. It’s just wrong.
3. People who allow their dogs off leash when the dog isn’t trained well enough to follow simple commands (stop, come, etc.). I would prefer to NOT have a strange dog charge and me and Kitten in her stroller, it makes me nervous. Also: when the dog looks like it’s going to run into a busy street. If your dog doesn’t come when you call it, it should be leashed (not to mention that all the common areas in our neighbourhood are on-leash only areas).

That’s all. I guess I’m feeling cranky, and today it’s because of bad dog owners. (to be fair, we have a GREAT dog who lives behind us. She’s super well behaved, doesn’t bark (except at the odd rabbit or cat who wanders through) and is so friendly. Also? No poop laying around in their backyard, and I never see their dog off leash. So it’s not all dog owners, just the crummy ones I’m annoyed with)