Stuff and Pictures

A few things that I wanted to share…

Another pair of shorts!  Not for Kitten, for another baby.

mummyluvs222 Shorties

mummyluvs222 Shorties

Here’s a picture of Kitten in her “reading glasses”. She really is obsessed with sunglasses, and we kind of let her have them when she wants. She actually put these ones on herself, which is fairly impressive seeing as how she didn’t lose an eye or anything.

Kitten & the reading glasses

Last Tuesday, we bought Kitten a doll – her first “official” doll, as all the others have been make from fabric only. She’s VERY excited about this and plays with her non-stop. For the first few days we really had to fight with her to get her to do anything OTHER than play with the doll (Buffy, as she has been named)… like eat or go to bed. It’s been a subject of rue for me since we bought it. That, and I totally regret getting the little “accessories” pack. It had a lot of the same stuff in it, plus a lot of little pretend bottles that we don’t use in the house (talcum powder, baby oil, and diaper rash cream) so most of it I’ve put away. The good thing was that it came with two extra diapers (one was a disposable, which has already been torn to shreds – who things these are a good idea for kids? Maybe other kids are better with them, but dude. What a waste. The other was a cloth one, so whatever) and those bottles/sippy cups that have the liquid that disappears when you tip them. I wish I could have bought those things separate, but the bottles they had in single packs weren’t the ones that had the liquid that moved. Anyway, Buffy gets lots of love around here, and Kitten will talk about “baby Buffy” quite often.

Kitten & Buffy

So in order to help corral all the baby stuff that came with Buffy, I brought down this fabric basket from Kitten’s room. I stuffed all the baby paraphernalia in there so Kitten would know where it went. Rather than take my ever so helpful clue, she pulled it all out of the basket and did this:

New Hat

She truly is Rob’s daughter (ha ha, just kidding honey! Kind of!)…