Nom Nom Nom

I mentioned earlier that we picked up some fish from the Farmers Market on the weekend.  I was dreaming of fish sticks, so I decided to use my Mahi Mahi steak to indulge my craving.  I’m not sure if this was a sacriligeous thing to do with a nice cut of fish, but boy howdy were they good! 

In order to get our yummy dinner, this is what I did:

1.  Cut fish steak into strips, about half an inch wide, or a little wider if you’re worried about the fish falling apart when it cooks (a few of our pieces did).

2.  Dip the fish strips into egg, then into the breading (I used 1/4 cup whole wheat flour, 1/4 cup of coconut and 1 tbsp of seafood rub – you can use any spice mix that you think would be tasty.  The coconut added a nice exotic flavour to the fish sticks, I was really surprised at how good they were).

3.  Fry them in about 1.5″ of oil (which every kind you prefer, but I used canola because olive oil is too expensive to put into a pan that way.  If you’re really into the “Real Food” business, you’d use some sort of animal fat for this.  I’m not sure which fat would be best).  Scoop them out and store them on a rack over a plate or a cookie sheet (this lets the excess oil drip off).

Finished fishsticks

4. I was going to bake up some homemade fries but decided that I already had hot oil in my pan, why not get the maximum amount of milage out of it? After cutting up your potatoes into smallish strips, throw handfulls of them in the oil (VERY CAREFULLY!). Swish around with your tongs and then scoop them out when they are golden.

Frying the fries

Yummy Fries

5. Cut up some veggies to go with. We did carrot sticks, because if we were going to have a theme (sticks of food!) we were going to do it all the way. Wouldn’t you know? This is the only form in which Kitten will eat carrots (a great surprise to us all – carrots were an anathema to her previous to this dinner).

Mmmm... supper!


We did use our homemade ketchup here. It was tasty, but I will tell you that it doesn’t taste like Heinz. When I made it, tomatoes weren’t in season, so they didn’t taste as good as they could have, and red wine vinegar is a very strong flavour, so it kind of takes over. It’s still good… but a lot more tart than your typical store-bought stuff. I think next time I will make it in the peak of tomato season, and I will use Jamie Oliver’s recipe instead (which is much more complex, btw).

6. EAT DINNER! Kitten sure did. This is the first time that she’s ever ACTUALLY finished her supper. Usually she leaves a bit, but she totally cleaned her plate! It was amazing. Her plate (in the picture) is the small one.

Even Kitten liked it!

Final thoughts:

I think before I make this again I am going to buy a pair of silicone tipped tongs. I was so worried about my metal tongs scratching my pan that it gave me a bit of a heart attach each time I had to scoop stuff out of the pans. I think it would also be really nice to have something that cuts up fries for me, but what are the chances of that happening? I wouldn’t want to store a large machine to cut them up, so chances are I’ll just continue to chop up my potatoes.

Cost (none of this was organic, FYI):
$3 – Mahi Mahi (it was on sale)
$0.50 – Flour, coconut, spice rub
$1 – Potatoes (we buy a smallish bag, so this might be less for you)
$2 – Oil
$0.80 – Carrots

Total cost: $6.30 – So tasty and WAY cheaper than buying it all prepackaged!