I have very little to say today, so you get mostly pictures*

*although I think I should be congradulated for posting at all!  Ha ha, just kidding.  Kind of.

We did some work outside on Friday morning (I think), as Rob took the day off from work.  He raked up the lawn (we have a lot of dead grass in there) while I turned the dirt in the flower bed, and removed a lot of the dead stuff from there too.  Kitten played on the sidewalk and ran around.  It was nice to just be outside.  It was kind of cool, warm enough for a t-shirt, but not hot by any means.  Rob decided to water the grass on the sides of the house because the sprinker doesn’t reach there, and neither does the rain.  He usually does it with the sprayer attachment on the hose.  Well… This is what happened:

Kitten outside in the water

Enjoying the water

Running around in the water

She kept running in to the water, she freaking loved it.  It was pretty funny, actually.  After that, I took her inside for a bath (to warm up and clean off).  Tell me, why does she like being sprayed by a freezing cold hose but SCREAMS during a warm bath when I wash her hair?  Frustrating!

After all that, we played inside for a bit.  I even managed Rob to man the camera for a few minutes:

Chillen at home

Playing with Daddy

I have to make a note about the sandals she’s wearing in the first picture.  We got them at walmart for under $20 (I don’t remember exactly how much they were now).  They’re Backyardigans and are available in both girls & boys.  They are SO FREAKING SOFT!!!  The top is made out of a material like neoprene, and the bottom soles can practically be folded in half.  I don’t know if you remember breaking in sandals as a kid, but I do, and it was awful.  These sandals won’t need to be broken in AT ALL!  So great!  If you have walking kids that need sandals (size 4+, I think)… these are the ones to get (if you don’t mind the backyardigans thing, and don’t mind shopping at Walmart).  I should take a series of pictures showing you how bendy they are (I probably won’t because I am Teh Lazy). 

Here are a couple pictures of projects I’ve recently completed:

G's Quilt

G's Quilt

The quilt I finished for L’s baby girl. Kitten didn’t want to give it away, even though she knew that it was G-‘s quilt. She would even talk about the baby while I had it out. But yeah, there were tears. And then we all got over it.

Mommyluvs222 skirtie

The skirtie I’ve been working on for ages. I’m so glad it’s finished. It turned out really nice, but I was hoping that the triangles would be bigger. I could have done more increases, but by the end of the skirt portion, I had 300 live stitches on my needles… which meant that I had to do 900 double crochets to get the ruffle! I’m not sure I’ll do this pattern again, FYI.