Food Stuff

We did a heathen thing today: We skipped church to hit the farmers market! It was so fun! Things we saw: Lots of BEAUTIFUL green house veggies (If I hadn’t received a bag of veggies from L on Friday, I would have scooped a bunch up), lots of processed meats (sausage, etc.), wood carvings/toys, unpasteurized honey, that guy who plays panpipes that shows up EVERYWHERE. Things we bought: Alberta Rainbow Trout, Mahi mahi (it was cheap), a barn board bench for my step-mom (it’s her style) and a block of beeswax (for my knitting stuff). Things that annoyed me: The fish merchant kept trying to offer me shrimp AFTER I specified that we have a shellfish allergy, losing one of Kitten’s barrettes… only to find it in the car after backtracking through the market, the super long line by the Ukrainian food guy’s table – the only table with eggs on it, and I didn’t want to stand in line forever to ask if he just happened to have a dozen eggs on his table for funsies, or if he was selling farm eggs.

So we’re having the Mahi Mahi for dinner tonight. I need to do some research on how to cook the trout – it is in whole fish form, with the guts & bones pulled out. They said that I could just stuff it with veggies and put it in the oven (this would be REALLY good on the BBQ, but we don’t own one of those yet), then flip it open to eat. Hopefully it turns out well. I’m a little squigged out that it STILL HAS EYES, but it was the only local fish (and only $10 for two) they were offering today.

In other news, I’m going to buy a steam cleaner for our carpets today. They are driving me crazy, and it will cost just as much to have someone come and do it as it will for me to buy one and be able to use it when I want.

In other, other news… I keep looking for L’s car outside my house, and it’s never there. Frankly, I find it sad and disturbing. Every time I look for it, I have to remind myself that it’s not going to be there. ::sigh:: Also, I had to borrow sugar from a neighbour yesterday, and it was weird to not just run next door to L’s house for it. But I got my sugar and the cookies were made and all was well.

Maybe tomorrow I will post a few pictures of our time outside yesterday, and some of playing inside. Until then!