Blaggard's Moon Part 2

To be honest, the cover of this book doesn’t inspire me, not in the slightest.  The cover is so boring.  It’s a giant moon over top the water, with what looks like a toy boat sillohette.  It’s a very obvious photo manipulation, and it’s not terrible… but it’s certainly not interesting.

Whatever happened to the days of cover art?  Why are the majority of publishers going with plane jane photo manipulations?  I understand that it’s cheap, and that they can probably get their graphic designer to whip it up in about an hour… but I’m so tired of seeing it!  Even the back cover of this book is more interesting than the front!  It looks like a beat up piece of parchment (actually, it looks like it belongs to The Legend of the Firefish, which was a much nicer cover) , with a drawing of a large ship on it, with some beautiful scrollwork on it.  I mean, the front does use a nice font, and I like the little scrolly bit under the title… but that’s about it.  I just feel like Harvest House Publishers could have done a much better job with this one. 

Or maybe I’m just not the target market – Kitten loves this book and talks about the moon and the boat every time she sees it.  She brings it to me and says “MOOOOOON!!!  BOAT!!!” every time.  Sometimes, she’ll come in to my room when I’m sleeping and try to give me the book to read.  So I suppose there is some appeal, I guess I would have liked it better had it been an illustrated moon and boat than this photo manipulation.

The inside of the book is nicely done.  It has little wheels near the numbers, with a tiny bit of scroll-work there as well.  The title of the chapter had a watermarked moon behind it (nice touch), and is the pretty, piratey font that is on the front of the book.  The overall layout of the pages make it really easy to read, even when your 20 month old tries to grab the book from you.

I think I would recommend this book to people who enjoy books about pirates and Christians, and especially those who have read the Trophy Chase Trilogy.