Hot Dog Night

Tomorrow is hot dog night.  I love hot dog night.  We usually have french fries, hot dogs with buns and celery sticks. 

But tomorrow is going to be extra special.  Do you know why?  Because I’m going to make my own ketchup.  I know, right?  I am going to use this recipe.  I have no idea how it’s going to taste, but I am near giddy with it.  If you are lucky, I might even take pictures and blog the whole experience!

I need help, though.  I’m trying “home-made” up hot dog night.  I can make fries from potatoes (which I do!  And they are good!), and I can make some of my own condiments.  But I can’t make hot dog buns to save my life.  Not the fluffy nice Wonderbread ones like at the store.  I tried to make buns once, and they were AWFUL.  They were super hard and crusty and just not nice even in the slightest.  Does anyone have any recipes that they know are good?