Continually Kitten 04-01-09

Whew!  It’s been a while!  But at least I have something to talk about…

  • Kitten woke up this morning and her first word to me was “Peacock”.  This is to tell you that we’re no longer stuck with words like “kitty”, “no” and “mommy”.   We are also treated to gibberish sentences, as well as things like “what happened?”  She also seems to understand talking on the phone a bit more. 
  • When I shop for clothes, I’m only buying size 3.  She could still fit in a size two, but it seems to be a waste to buy them and have her grow out of them too soon.  For jeans (especially from Old Navy), they HAVE to be a size 3.  They’re so slim through the thigh/hip that we have to size up. 
  • We bought Kitten her first pair of light up shoes on Monday.  She is very excited about them (they’re Princess shoes, too).  They’re a bit big, so she doesn’t wear them all that often, but she plays with them when she’s not wearing them!  On the downside, she now slaps the bottoms of all her shoes to see if they light up too… including her rubber boots!  Ha ha!
  • Kitten can no identify (and ask for) most of her favourite shows.  Yo Gabba Gabba being the most popular, followed by Toopee & Binou, Go Diego Go, and Cars.  I don’t think that she’s even seen Cars all the way through, but we almost picked up Cars shoes (but then she saw the princess ones… and well, that changed her mind with no pressure from me!)
  • I’ve slowly been expanding her wool pants collection.  I’ll have to put up some pictures, but she has the CUUUUTEST pair of wool capris in the world.  I’m working on a skirt/diaper cover that is going to be spectacular!
  • Kitten has her 18 month shots today 😦  She’s 20 months old, but we were late getting her 1 year shots.  At least these are the last ones for a while.
  • It’s going to be a full year before we can get Kitten in to see the pediatric allergist.  It’s annoying and frustrating, because I do worry that we’ll have a scary trip to the ER in our future without finding out if she IS allergic to shellfish.  Granted, we’re not big seafood people, but you really can’t control what people serve at their house and stuff, you know? 
  • Kitten has been blessed with being able to spend lots of time with her grandparents.  She’s really enjoying having mommy & daddy go out so she can have Nana & Papa or Grandma & Grandpa come and play.  Rob and I have been sooooo lucky to be able to go out and be with other adults on occasion! 
  • This week seems to be a sponge week for Kitten, so she’s been picking up colours, numbers, letters and words more than usual.  I suppose that this would be a good week to cut out works like frak, geez, crap, etc…  Kitten does know the most important word of all… COFFEE!!!!