Continually Kitten 03-04-09

  • Kitten has surprised me this morning by pointing to her book and saying “rainbow”.  The book does have a rainbow on it, so that’s pretty cool.
  • In the last two or there days, she’s popped through two new teeth.  They are matching, top and bottom, and are to the right of her front teeth.  So not the eye teeth, but the small ones between the eye teeth and the front teeth.  So this brings us to a grand total of 9 teeth.
  • Kitten has been in her Big Girl Bed since the weekend.  So far so good.  She does a few things that we don’t like (as in pulling her night light out of the wall), but we’re hoping to replace it with one that she can’t grab.  She doesn’t stay in her bed when we put her there, but she always goes back to her bed to sleep, so that’s good.  Nap time is the time when it’s harder to get her to go to sleep, but night time seems to go pretty well, actually.


I guess that’s not all that much that is new with her these days.  We’ve switched our routine to wake up earlier, to see if that helps her nap better, and I think it was (until we got her new bed, that is), and we’re continuing it… but I find it hard to get up in the morning!  Hopefully that will come with time. 

Anyway, on with the picture, right?


Kitten's room