How I know it's Monday

It’s Monday, and I can feel it all through my body.  Blech.  On the plus side, it’s the First Monday of the month, which means… Knitting night!  In order to prepare myself for tonight (I miss my girls, I haven’t been since Christmas!), here’s an update on all my WIP’s. 

Random Dish Cloths:  I have two of these finished.  I am thinking about making an Entrelac cloth, alternating the triangle rows between two colours.  I’m not sure how tricky that will be, so I’m merely thinking about it.  Regardless, here are the two completed ones.

basketweave wash cloths 

Firefly Longies:  These are done, and Kitten has been wearing them a lot.  I over-lanolized the Diaper Hammock, and they’ve worked REALLY great as a diaper cover.  When she’s wet, you can tell that her pants are a wee bit damp, but she doesn’t feel even remotely soaked.  I’m fairly pleased with how these turned out, although I’m not a fan of the pooling on the bum/torso.  It doesn’t bother me THAT much, but I am glad that my next pair of longies will not have this pooling.  All in all, the troubles I had with these were worth it – now I know how to make a great pair of longies!

Firefly Longies 

Nephew’s Pants:  I need to get another ball of yarn for these, so I haven’t worked on them.  I keep meaning to… but never quite get there.  ::sigh::

Moonshadow Blankie:  I’m finished this, and boy howdy am I glad it’s done.  I will never, ever, work with Lion’s Brand Suede again.  It was awful.  It left a yucky film on my fingers, it stuck to itself and thus didn’t allow for very smooth knitting (it also stuck to the needles) and once it washed up, it wormed itself all over the place and now I have loops in my finished object.  Hate.  Anyway, I don’t really care to redo the blankie, and when you don’t look at the crap parts of it, it is quite pretty.  Also:  I hate crocheting, and I’m glad that this was a small blankie (the trim around the edge is crocheted).  I can’t seem to get a good picture of this blanket (I’ve tried, like 8 times, and this is the best one), so please forgive me. It’s a dark blue and grey mix.

Moonshadow Blankie

Buffy Longies:  These are new, but the same pattern as the Firefly Longies.  I alternated balls of yarn every row for the torso portion of the longies to prevent pooling.  It was pretty easy to do, although the short rows did screw that up a tiny bit.  I ended up having to break my yarn and cut a portion off to prevent pooling a couple of times.  Otherwise, it was super simple.  The gusset turned out very nicely, as I watched a different Kitchener Stitch video and it finally clicked.  It helps when your initial string is coming off the correct piece of knitted fabric!  I really like these colours, but I wish that Patons carried a variagated wool that had black in it instead of brown.  As much as we like (and use) brown, it would be nice to have some choice. 

Buffy Longies 

New Yarn:  This is Mosiac Moon Mint Mocha.  I luuuurve it, and got it in a trade.  It’s hand-dyed in green, browns (dark & light) and cream.  I am so excited to knit something with it… but I haven’t decided what to do with it yet.  I have enough to make another set of longies for Kitten, but I’m not sure if I really want too.  I could wait and see if I can get a coordinating trim colour and make a skirtie out of it, but I’m not sure if I want to do that either.  I’ll probably end up making pants, just because I know that I have enough, and it will give me a really nice and thick fabric (which means no Diaper Hammock necessary!).

Mint Mocha Mosiac Moon