CSFF Blog Tour – Cyndere's Midnight by Jeffrey Overstreet

Aloha my friends!  Poolside greetings from Hawaii!  This month we are looking at Cyndere’s Midnight, which is a really fantastic book by Jeffrey Overstreet.  This is a follow up to Auralia’s Colors, which we looked at a few months ago.

I haven’t finished the book yet, but I’m really enjoying it.  I had planned on reading while Kitten slept on the plane, but SURPRISE!  She neither slept nor left my lap, so the flight wasn’t conducive to flying (not to mention the terrible turbulence).  Anyway, if I can tear myself away from VH1 (Trashality TV!  Love!) long enough, it won’t take me long to finish it!

For now, please check out the following links to meet the author and view what kind of results the book is getting on Amazon.
Cyndere’s Midnight

Jeffrey Overstreet’s Web site

Jeffrey Overstreet’s blog

Jeffrey Overstreet at Facebook