Greener Makeup

I’ve struggled with “green” makeup since I’ve tried to clean up my act.  I’m starting to run out of some of my traditional make up and thought that it might be a good idea to switch some of the stuff I use up. To be honest, I’m not wearing make up every day any more, and I would like to change that.  However, I don’t want to spend hours in the bathroom trying to get the perfect look with a zillion different items. 

Last night I was in Walmart, and the Physicians Formula Organic Wear caught my eye.  I decided to spend my allowance for February and give it a try. 

This is me without make up, after I’ve put on moisturizer:

Fresh face!

Hmmm… My face looks fat here.  Oh well.  Here’s the picture of me after 3 minutes and my tray full of goodies:

With new makeup

Here’s what I bought last night, for around $56:

New Makeup!  Yay!

Face Sculpting Trio, $20:

New Contouring Compact

Contouring Brush

I picked this up instead of a foundation (which are also $20), because I thought that I may as well get something that is going to do more than one job.  I often use bronzer instead of blush, and I thought that the highlighter would work as an eye shadow for the days I don’t feel like using the blue-grey eye shadow.  You know, instead of spending $20 on the foundation, and another $15 or so on the blush…

As you can see in the first picture, it includes a face powder, a highlighter and a bronzer.  The second picture shows you the back side of the compact, with the sculpting brush and a mirror. 


  • I have one compact for three things – no need to carry around three separate items
  • The actual compact is pretty small – smaller than my palm, this is because the brush/mirror is on the bottom of the compact, rather than the traditional clam-shell opening
  • The actual compact has 93% less plastic than traditional compacts.  I like this because I definitely think we could all do with a little less plastic in our lives
  • The powders go on smoothly, and the colours are great
  • The angle brush helps with getting the products out of the container, as well as applying them, much easier than the traditional round brush.


  • I’m worried that the packaging will look like crap after a few months of use.  Especially if it gets wet (being paper and all)
  • The brush isn’t very soft.  I suppose that’s what you get from natural hair fibers – they’re not artificially or chemically softened (don’t mistake me, they aren’t scratchy, they’re just not as soft as other brushes I have used)
  • The mirror in the compact is pretty much useless, except as a general guide, as in – hey… there’s my face.  It’s warped and wonky, and not terribly easy to see out of.  I suppose that this type of mirror must be more environmentally friendly, otherwise people would whine far too much about it.
  • It is difficult to get *just* the face powder out of the compact.  However, I just read on the information site that you’re supposed to blend the three together for an overall sweep, then do the bronzing/highlighting separately.  So there probably isn’t a need to access the face powder independently (except for maybe a dusting over your most oily spots, or under your eyes for a mite bit more coverage)
  • I don’t love the highlighting powder right now.  It’s slightly too white for my tanned self, but as soon as my tan fades (in like, three weeks because that is how my skin rolls), I think it will be just perfect!

This stuff is NOT a foundation.  It doesn’t give me great coverage in regards to pimples, baggy eyes, etc.  But I think I’m ok with that.  I’m not interested in wearing heavy make up on a day-to-day basis, and neither Rob nor Kitten care if they can see my pimples and my eye luggage.  I like this product a lot, although when it starts to wear out, I might try their Finishing Veil instead. 

Eye Shadow Duo, $12:

New Eyeshadow

I got this and an eye liner as part of a kit.  The kit only cost me $8 – way cheaper than either the eye liner or the shadow on it’s own.  The colours are grouped by eye colour – so this is the “blue eyes” kit.  Your choices are blue, brown, hazel or green kits, although you can technically buy whichever colour strikes your fancy!  I tend to prefer browns and coppers for my eye shadow, but thought that I would try something new this time and go with the blue. 


  • A generous sized compact with two eye shadow colours
  • This compact is also more paper than plastic, which I like (see above)
  • Doesn’t appear to crease too easily or quickly


  • The darker colour doesn’t actually have that much pigment when you put in on your skin.  You have to REALLY load the applicator with colour in order for it to show up darkly.  And you have to put the dark on BEFORE the light if you want it to show up at all. 
  • The applicator isn’t included.  You either have to own sponge-tip applicators, or a set of brushes.  You could use your fingers or q-tips. 

I think that this compact was worth the $4 I spent on it.  I’m not entirely sure that I would want to spend $12 on this one, just because I don’t love the colours.  But the other colours are a little more interesting, and might not have the pigment problems that this one does. 

Eyeliner, $12:

New Eyeliner

Again, this was part of the stunningly cheap set I got.  It’s a dark navy blue colour with a hint of gleam to it.  I wear it under my eye shadow to downplay the harshness of it.  I believe that this colour is “Black Sea Organics”.


  • It’s a very creamy formula, glides right on
  • Not an awkward shape or length


  • It’s a wood pencil?  Which means you have to sharpen it?  That’s about the only con I could think of right now

I think I might get more of these, in some of the other colours, just for variety (if I get to a point where I need variety).  They’re actually a very nice eyeliner, one of the best I’ve used.

Mascara, $14:

New Mascara

At last!  A mascara that doesn’t make my eyes goopy and angry after wearing it for an hour!  I am so pleased with this mascara.  I’m not sure if I have the “black” or “ultra black”, but I’m not sure how much of a difference the average person would be able to tell. 


  • Great natural formula – no synthetic crap to annoy your eyes (even hypoallergenic mascaras really bothered me)
  • Doesn’t flake or smudge while I wear it
  • Bristles are nice and soft – mascara applies easily and evenly


  • Entirely plastic container.  I’m not sure that there’s a way around this, so I’ll accept that… but it would be nice to have seen them try to come out with something a little revolutionary (maybe they tried, who knows)
  • The green leaf cap is very very pretty, and actually feels really good in your hand.  However, if you like to spin the brush to get more mascara… you’ll end up smudging it all over your cheek.  I will turn the brush AWAY from my face next time.  I think it was a good idea in theory, but isn’t comfortable (the handle) for all users

I was thinking that this is a fairly spendy mascara… but then I remembered that the “best” Mary Kay mascara is $21 and decided it’s fairly reasonable.  I will definitely keep using this mascara, if I keep getting the same results with it.  I do kind of wish for a waterproof formula, but I’m quite sure that would contain all sorts of awful things.

Lip Veil, $12:

New Lipstick

This is the Organic Spice colour, which was my only option yesterday.  I do like it, but there are quite a few colours that I would like to try as well (like the Organic Sheen, which appears to be clear, or the Organic Nude – even the rose and ginger look good!). 


  • A nice, thick application, which doesn’t transfer easily (but will kiss of, and will leave prints on your coffee mugs).  I like that my lips don’t feel slippery after I put this on
  • Not sticky
  • Has a nice minty-lemony smell, which tingles in the slightest bit when you put it on.  I actually really love it, and I am NOT a mint fan
  • It feels like it’s actually good for my lips.  I don’t feel dry and chapped after it starts to wear off, like other lipsticks
  • Will fit in your purse
  • A hint of colour – not obvious like lipstick, but not a super high gloss either


  • Again, all plastic packaging.  However, I would take a plastic tube over a compact application any day.  I don’t want to futz around with lip brushes or whatever.  I just want to slick it on and forget about it.
  • This does not taste as good as it smells.  It isn’t all that pleasant to lick, although if you have a habit of licking your lips that you’re trying to break, it might work well for you.  If you are trying to attract men by licking your lips all the time… well, this isn’t the lipstick for you. 
  • The tube would be uncomfortable in your pocket, so you’d have to carry it in your purse or a jacket pocket. 

I will definitely purchase this lipstick (they call it a three in one – lip stick, lip gloss and lip balm) again.  It is really wonderful feeling on the lips, and I like the amount of colour it leaves – not too dark, but not too sheer, either.  It’s perfect.  If you are looking for a gloss, they do carry one, in matching shades. 


Overall, I’m really quite pleased with my purchases.  I was pretty worried that I wouldn’t like them (sometimes the “greener” stuff isn’t always better quality), but I am pleasantly surprised that I could do my makeup so easily.  Now, if I could just find some really great eco-friendly skin care…