Valentines Day!

Now that we have a kid, I’ve been thinking that maybe we should actually do something as a family to celebrate.  Rob and I will still have our dinner out (we’ll be in Hawaii and the restaurant of our choice doesn’t take reservations, so cross your fingers for us!), but I was thinking of the other stuff.

I thought that maybe I could work with Kitten to have her make Rob a card, and encourage him to work with her to make me a card (is that tacky?  If I don’t say anything to him and just make him one, he’ll be upset that he didn’t know that I was doing that, and thus has no way to reciprocate).  And maybe I could have her help me decorate some heart cookies.  I don’t know if she’s quite old enough for that yet, but it could be fun to try it!

What do you guys do for Valentines day, and especially with your kids?  If you have good ideas, please share… then maybe we can all have a new idea this year! 🙂