Continually Kitten 02-04-09

  • Kitten can sing (or tries to sing) the Oh-oh-oh part from Beyonce’s Single Ladies song (the part of the song that I’m talking about is at about 45 seconds.  Kitten hasn’t actually heard the song other than when I sing it, and she hasn’t seen the video – just so you don’t think that I’m completely irresponsible).  It’s really funny, because if she hears me humming or singing any other part of the song, she’ll do the oh-oh-oh part.  I need to get a video of it, but am not comfortable putting up a video of me singing (which is required to get her to sing).
  • I cleaned out Kitten’s room the other day.  I moved her dresser into her closet, which means taking all the clothes that are too small downstairs.  I took down 2 paper boxes, a rubbermaid container, and 2 XL ziploc storage bags full of clothes!  I couldn’t believe it!  Her room is now ready for a toddler bed… and I think that she is more or less ready too.  We’re waiting until after we get back from our trip to put her in it, so she’s not all “I was sleeping in a bed and now I have to sleep in the playpen?  What the heck?”
  • We’ve been trying to encourage her to drink milk in a cup without a valve, and that doesn’t seem to be going well.  Usually she just turns the cup upside down and pours the milk out (the cup has a lid with a spout, just no valve, so it pours out).  I’m very frustrated, but don’t really know what to do.  Right now she has two bottle of milk – one at nap time and one at bed time.  It’s the only way that she’ll drink milk at this point, and I would rather her have a bottle than not have any milk. 
  • Kitten asked for In the Night Garden yesterday.  It was really surprising, as she doesn’t have any words for the show other than the character names.  But it came on right before dinner last night, and she kept pointing at the TV saying “night! night!” as I was trying to take her downstairs.  I felt badly, but it’s good to know that she’s able to identify the show.
  • She has learned two new body parts – cheek and chin.  It’s pretty funny to hear her say them, actually.
  • We can fit a lot of her hair into a ponytail now!  It’s so hard to believe, but it happens.