Knitty Works-In-Progress

So.  Here’s what I’ve been knitting this past week, or not knitting, but still have on the go…

Striped Mittens:  I haven’t worked on these this week.  I still need to remove the thumb and reknit it.  I’m not sure how to do it without taking it all apart (thanks, stripes!), and I’m thinking that I might get lazy and just do it one colour.  Then I can do the matching mitten with a different coloured thumb and that might be kind of fun.  We’ll see how it goes.  I took a picture of it this week, and didn’t realize how much laddering is in it.  Yuck.  All I know is that it will be a zillion times better looking once I use the Magic Loop to do the next one.  Yay for that. 

Striped Mittens

Random Dish Cloths:  I haven’t worked on them at all… too many other things on the go… but I took a picture, because I know you care!  I am hoping that I will work on these again one day soon, as they’re just sitting around.  And I have the yarn, so why the heck not?  Oh well.  Sorry the picture is so dark – the camera was on a weird setting, and I forgot to change it.  And now I’m too lazy to retake the picture!  Heh.

Random Dish Cloths

 Longies for Kitten:  I’m knitting these out of Paton’s wool – cheapish stuff from Michaels, to see how it goes.  Turns out I’m in love with them.  I’m using the Nifty Knickers pattern/tutorial for these.  It’s the easiest gusset/crotch I’ve seen on all the knitted pants patterns.  I really like how they’re turning out, although I think that the fabric is a little too thin around the bum to be a good diaper cover, so I’m considering knitting a liner to go inside just to beef up that area.  I think that next time I’ll either double knit the pants, or I’ll use a (much) smaller needle.  I’m Magic Looping these pants, and it’s really quite simple that way.  I use my circular needles as God intended for the body portion (after the waist band is done), which is something that I’ve never done before.  It’s quite nice, actually.  I’ve had to use different coloured wool loops for stitch markers, which has been interesting, but works not too badly (ps. Hanna!  You could make me some nice bead stitch markers for my birthday.  You know, if you feel so inclined or interested!).  I would love some fancy ones, but I really can’t justify the expense right now. The way that the stripes have come out is pretty normal, where it’s blocky on the body and really small stripes on the legs. Not much to be done about that, and I kind of like it. I plan on doing a ruffle around the ankle in the pink, to match the waistband (which will have a drawstring, in case you were wondering).

Kitten's Longies

Nephew’s Pants:  Same pattern as the longies for Kitten, only made out of an acrylic/wool blend.  They’re stitching up quite nicely.  If you can believe, I got this far done in a little more than 2 days.  My fingers are KILLING me (thus why I am blogging and not knitting this very second), but the results have been well worth it.  The only bummer is that the needle tips I need for Kitten’s longies are also the ones that I am using for these pants… so I can only work on one or the other.  I think I will need another ball of yarn for these.  I’m dreading trying to find one, as I worry about the dyelot, but I might be able to find one online.  These will have a drawstring as well.

Nephew's Pants

Nephew’s Hat & Mittens:  I totally forgot to get a picture of these, but they are pretty cute.  Maybe if I ask really nicely Jenn will send me one?  They’re the same yarn as the pants pictured above, and there may have been tassles invovled on the hat!  I wish I would have had the presence of mind to take a picture.  Oh well. 

That’s what I’ve been knitting on this past week.  I’m hoping to finish up Kitten’s Longies this week so she can wear them on our vacation (not in Hawaii, but while we travel – they’ll be nice and comfy), and maybe I’ll even get a pair of shorties or capris done up so she can wear those too.  I have to restart the baby blanket for my brother’s baby, and get that done soon.  I also have a quilt to finish (sewing machine broke.  KILL.ME.NOW) so we’ll see how that goes.