Dri-Line Bamboo Baby AIO's

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A few weeks ago, we retired a bunch of Kitten’s diapers – they were just too small, and I was tired of dealing with too small diapers.  So I went on the hunt for new diapers at the local diaper shop.  I decided to try a brand of AIO that I hadn’t before, the Dri-Line Bamboo Baby.  The interior was all bamboo (good at absorbing lots of liquid), with a PUL outer. 

The Bamboo Baby is a one-size AIO, which means that in addition to it using velcro to fasten the diaper around baby, it has snaps on the front to adjust the rise.  Typically, a one-size (OS) diaper is a bit big on a newborn (under 10 pounds) and is too small on a toddler (over 30 – 35 pounds).   I have to say that I am not impressed by the colours available.  All the PUL colours are very very pale, and they come in sage, aqua (like I have), white and yellow.  Nothing exciting at all.  In fact, those are the *most* boring colours that you can get in a diaper.  I do really like the laundry tabs on this diaper – they are right next to the velcro tabs that stick the diaper down… so you’re not messing up the PUL/inner material between the sticky velcro and the piece it sticks to (the bumGenius is known for that). 

Dri-Line Exterior

Inside the diaper, you’ll find lots and lots of soft and squishy bamboo.  The absorbent panel is only sewn down on one edge, which allows water and air to get around all the sides of it to aid in the laundering process.  So the panel will get cleaner and will dry faster.  I found that you had to wash this diaper a half dozen times to get the maximum absorbency.  In fact, the first time I used the diaper (after one wash), it leaked in a very short time.  Annoying!  However, now that it’s been prepped properly, I have no leaking issues.  It’s not absorbent enough for night time use, but if you put a microfiber insert under the bamboo panel, it is definitely nap time worthy!  I have found that the bamboo that is sewn right next to the PUL is slightly crunchy and definitely isn’t as soft as other bamboo products I’ve used.  However, the absorbent panel is still fairly soft, and baby’s skin touches that one most. 

Dri-Line Interior

Dri-Line Interior

 I decided to see how this diaper measured up against the bumGenius 3.0 in regards to size and ease of use, and here is what I found:

  • There are no pockets to stuff and no microfiber in this diaper – so you can just throw it in the drawer/bucket/where ever when it comes out of the dryer – you don’t have to futz around with it.  Also, you don’t have to worry about that dreaded microfiber stink. 
  • The laundry tabs are close to the sticky velcro.  This means that the PUL that the tabs are on top of won’t pill up and look messy over time.  BumGenius diapers do this ALL the time, and it makes them look ragged.  Also, I think the fact that the tabs are so far away from the velcro cause them to come apart in the wash more often, as there’s more pull on them.  And with the tabs being so close to the velcro, you’re not having to reach around baby’s hips to stick down the velcro when you take off the diaper. 
  • The width at the crotch is about 1″ more narrow on the Bamboo Baby diaper.  This can been good or bad, depending on your kid.  Kitten is rather slender, so this is a plus for us.  I would imagine that it would help fit a newborn better than the bumGenius would.
  • The rise is about 1″ shorter on the Bamboo Baby.  This means that it might not fit your child as long as the bumGenius would… however it also means that for babies with a shorter rise, you don’t have to have all the snaps done up all the time.  Again, it really has everything to do with what shape YOUR baby is, as to whether you would prefer this or not.
  • It takes less time to dry than the bumGenius Organic diaper, but more time than the bumGenius 3.0.  However, I usually set my dryer to 90 minutes on high, and that gets almost everything dry the first time.  The first couple of washes, I found that the Bamboo Baby took a little longer to dry.  I’m not sure if that had to do with the bamboo not being fully prepped, but that was my experience. 
  • The bumGenius 3.0 has a suedecloth interior, which helps baby feel dry.  Bamboo Baby does not, and therefore will not help baby feel dry.  This could be good for toddlers learning to potty train, or could annoy sensitive babies (Kitten doesn’t care if she’s wet, so it’s not an issue for us).

Bamboo Baby Vs. Bumgenius

Bamboo Baby Vs. Bumgenius

 I’m not exactly sure which diaper I would rate better, the bumGenius 3.0 or the Bamboo Baby.  Both have a lot going for them. 

In Canada, the bumGenius 3.0 retails for about $25 (give or take, depending on the store).  The Bamboo Baby retails for about $22.  Is it worth a savings of $3 to go with the bamboo?  I’m still undecided.  It’s a good diaper, and it’s holding up well.  After nearly a month of constant use it still looks like it’s in really good condition, whereas the bumGenius I got at the same time is starting to look worn already.  Others may chose to use the Bamboo Baby because of it’s natural fibers (some babies are sensitive to suedecloth and microfleece).  I think if there was a wider range of colours (especially bright colours or nice prints) I would be WAY more excited about this diaper.  There is a lot to like about it… but I often judge a book diaper by it’s cover.