Continually Kitten 01-28-09

  • Kitten turned 18 months old yesterday!  She’s been celebrating by chewing everything she can as hard as she can.  Who wants to guess which teeth will come in next?  We have no idea.
  • She loves to play “If You’re Happy and You Know it”, which is quite hilarious.  We usually start with the usual stuff – clap your hands, stomp your feet, etc.  Then we like to throw in our mavrick verses like “shake your head”, “spin around”, “dance with your doll”.  If you stop singing before she’s ready, she gets mad, and sometimes she’ll want you to start a different verse in the middle of the verse you’re singing… usually by performing the action she wants you to take.  I would imagine that if she were a teenager, her words would be “Mom!  You are so lame!  Do it this way!!”
  • Speaking of words, this kid adds to her vocabulary daily.  Last week she was all “mommy” “daddy” “kitty” “cookie”.  This week it’s all “house”, “clock”, “tree”, “zoloft”  (just kidding!  Ha ha!).  She picked up a book with the pictures and started to say all the words – I was pretty shocked, actually.  I do read with her, but I don’t tend to read the baby dictionary books because I find them boring.  So Rob must be doing some extra dictionary work with her! 
  • We have been reading Billy Bunny several times a day.  It’s a very cute book, about a bunny who’s looking for the magical and rare creature called a butterfly!  It has “peek and find” pages, where you move something on the page, and a picture pops out.  She’s learned to identify moles (the animal, not the skin thing), and will point at the mole on every page saying “Moe!  Moe!” 
  • She’s definitely working towards actually leaving the ground while jumping!  She’s done it a few times, but doesn’t do it every time.  It’s really hilarious.
  • I put her hair in a ponytail this week!  A real pony at the back of her head.  Her bangs were really whispy and hair was falling out of the elastic but oh my goodness!  SO CUTE!  I have to get a picture of it!
  • Sadly, Kitten’s eczema is really bad right now.  We missed one application of shea butter followed by her normal lotion… and it’s totally shown up.  I was doing so well at keeping it at bay.  Boo.  I’m sure that while we’re in Hawaii, it will get better.  Hopefully.
  • We got a really cute wool diaper cover for her this past week.  It’s a crocheted wool skirtie.  It was really far too big (I know some girls in our local youth group that could have fit in it!), so I decided to felt it.  It was really scary, but I did it, and now it is SO CUTE!  The skirt doesn’t have the same drape as it did before, and the waist is slightly too small (I have to really jerk it up over her hips), but the next time I go to lanolize it, I will stretch the waist out a bit and it should work much better.  She really likes it, and I think she looks adorable in it.  I really can’t wait until summer so she can wear more of them.  Here’s a couple of pictures of her in her new skirtie:

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