Stitch Fit

I have been knitting lately, honest.  I have just been forgetting to take pictures of the stuff I’ve been making and blogging about it.  So here’s a quick run-down of what I’ve finished, and what is still in the works:

  • Hooded Scarf for Kitten:  It’s finished.  We don’t use it all that often because it’s really bulky under her coat, it’s incredibly static filled, and it falls back off her forehead anyway.  This would have worked better with an animal fiber, and is probably more suited to climates where you just want a bit of warmth, but don’t really need the protection from the elements.  I did finish the mittens to match, as well… but she just screams when we put them on her.  So we carry them with us, but we don’t make her wear them unless it’s necessary.  However:

Get it off!  In my way!

Not a big fan

  • Entrelac Scarf:  I frogged this.  I didn’t really want a scarf made from the yarn I was using to work on this scarf, so I let it go.  Mostly, I just wanted to see if I could do it.  I didn’t take any pictures of it before I pulled it apart, which was too bad.  I’ll have to work on entrelac again in the future – it was fun and it makes a really beautiful pattern.
  • My Striped Mittens:  I finished one mitten, but was talking to Hanna when I finished the thumb… and forgot that I had to do decreases to make it finish properly.  I am mondo annoyed with myself because I am going to have to rip it all out.  I am seriously thinking about ripping the entire thumb out and starting over, as joining 6 strands of yarn in the thumb (remember, double knit, three colours… 6 strands of yarn = BIG MESS).  I haven’t done anything with them, because I have a few deadline projects that I want to get out of the way first.
  • Baby Blanket for Brother’s Baby:  I got about 10 – 12 rows in and realized that I have been doing the pattern wrong.  So, I need to frog it and start over.  Honestly, I’m ok with that because I’ve been working on my circular cable needle (but doing a straight pattern) and it fully sucks.  My US8 needles are free now, so I should start over.  I’m using the Lion Suede yarn which I am NOT crazy about, but it does seem really luxurious once it’s knit up.  This will probably have to be my next project.  Here’s a picture of the yarn…


  • Random Dish Cloths:  I have been working on some random dish cloths.  Not that I need more dish cloths around, but it seems like a nice thing to have to throw into a gift if I need a little something extra in there, you know?  I originally wanted to do a Snowflake Illusion dish cloth, but the yarn wasn’t thick enough to give a good illusion.  Basically, you knit and purl with two colours to make a striped object.  When you look at the project on an angle, you would see the snowflake.  However, to me, it looked like the person who made it had no idea how to knit.  So I decided just to make single colour dish cloths and use up the cotton that I had purchased for this other project.  Here’s the yarn I’m using:

DSCF2821 DSCF2822

  • Baby Hat & Mittens:  I made these for the neighbour’s new daughter, and they turned out beautifully.  I used Lions Brand Homespun, and it was AWFUL to work with.  It looks so pretty done, and it is so soft and squishy in the ball, but it is horrible to knit with.  Basically, all but one fiber are straight, untwisted.  The other fiber twists around all the other fibers.  I found that the straight fiber had to be pushed down the twisted fiber as you went.  It really didn’t work out.  Possibly it would be ok if you used like a US19 needle or some other gigantic needle… but as it was?  I will never buy it again.  Which is too bad because the colours and mixtures were really pretty.  I used the cream to do a cuff on the hat and the mittens, plus the end of the fingers and the very top of the hat. Then I used the variegated stuff do do the middles on both the objects. They turned out really nice, but I forgot to take pictures of the teeny tiny hat and the teeny tiny thumb-less mittens, so you can instead view the yarn:

DSCF2828 DSCF2827

  • This isn’t something I’m working on… but….  I got knitting luggage for Christmas, and I haven’t even shared it with you yet!  What is wrong with me?  It’s really lovely.  I have a very large project bag, a smaller project bag that is great for travelling with, a needle case, two small yarn bags (one is sticking out of the top of the large bag, the other is the one with the white polka dots), plus one double ended yarn bag.  I use the small bags for single projects.  I stuff the yarn in there, then I can keep my scissors, needles, etc. at the bottom of that little bag and I don’t have to have my small project bag out all the time (the one with the pockets on the front).  I’m finding myself much more organized!

My Pretties!

In the next few weeks I’ll have more pictures and more pojects to tell you about, I am sure!