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A week or so ago, I had a bunch of money to buy new diapers for Kitten.  She had grown out of a half dozen, and the rest of what we had was not cutting it… she needed more diapers.  I really hummed and hawed over what to get.  I could get more bumGenius like I had been, or I could try something new.  I ended up getting one bumgenius 3.0 in Clementine (orangy yellow), plus a few new diapers.  Today I want to tell you about Bare Bottoms Boutique.

I met Jenn, the owner/operator of BBB at Cloth Diaper Nation, a cloth diaper forum.  She’s a WAHM (Work At Home Mom), who makes diapers to earn extra money.  I purchased a large All-In-One, with a flannel cotton interior.  It took her less than a full 24 hours to make my diaper, and only a few days after that for her to tell me that it was on it’s way (it’s possible that it was already mostly made, as I ordered her Valentine’s Day Special, so she might have just had to put the velcro on and send it off).  I had a very short wait until it got here… I suppose that’s no great feat of hers, but the postal system.  Regardless, I was super excited (just ask Rob – he walked in with a package and I jumped up and down and demanded the parcel RIGHT AWAY!!!).

Let me tell you, Jenn went above and beyond.  First, it comes in a plastic bag inside a poly mailer.  This is great, because even if the poly mailer gets ripped some how, the diaper is still protected from mud/rain/water/snow.  Then, she wrapped it in tissue paper, and the diaper itself had a pink ribbon around it with a tag attached to it!  I felt like I had bought something super pricy at a fancy boutique (when it cost me $20 with shipping!), which is a WONDERFUL feeling to have.  I could tell right away that the diaper was really good quality.  The PUL (which is the waterproof part) felt really nice and sturdy, and there were no loose threads hanging around.  I would have never been able to label with diaper as “home made”. 

The interior of the diaper is super soft cotton flannel.  This is especially great for kids who can’t handle fleece or microsuede against their skin, and for moms who prefer to use more “natural” fabrics (I don’t believe she offers an organic inner, but if you approached her about making some, I’m sure she would be open to the conversation).  The nice thing about them is that the soaker portion of the diaper is constructed in a way that water and air and get between the soaker and the PUL.  This means that when you wash and dry the diaper, it’s getting cleaner, and it will dry faster.  I don’t know how long it takes to dry, as I just put it in the dryer for the first time a couple of minutes ago (on the other hand, it looked GREAT coming out of the washer – the tabs stayed securely done up).  Another great thing is that the top layer of the soaker pad (this lays against baby’s skin) has no stitching on the top of it, so your little one won’t be annoyed by any seams.  The soaker panel also has elastics along the sides, which is especially great for explosive newborn poo. 

The only thing that I don’t love about the diaper is that flannel is not a stay-dry fabric.  This means that once Kitten is wet, she will feel it.  I suppose that we are getting to an age where potty training is in our future, so it’s probably not a bad thing, however, this means that our BBB diaper won’t be a night-time choice for us, nor one that I reach for when I know that we’re going to be going out for a while.  However, I do know that if I end up loving it to bits and bits and bits, I can put in a microfleece liner to help Kitten feel dry longer.  The other thing that I’m not crazy about is that Kitten is an odd size.  She has a very narrow waist/hip area, but she has chunky thighs and a long rise (the measurement from the top of her bum at the back, between her legs and around to her belly button in the front – essentially, if you layed the diaper on a flat surface, and measured the length from one end to the other).  So the large that we purchased is very big around the belly, but fits just fine every where else.  This means I have to cinch up the diaper far tighter than I might like to.  I have talked to Jenn about this, and she’s willing to work with me on creating a custom sized diaper next time.  I’m very excited, as it’s a very economical diaper that looks like it’s going to work very well. 

There is one problem, though.  There’s a new law starting in the States that prevents people from selling things for children that haven’t been thoroughly tested for lead and other potentially harmful substances.  I think that testing is a great idea, however it means that many WAHM’s are going to either be out of business, or the price of hand made diapers is going to go through the roof.  Most women who are running these business are only making dollars on the diapers they make.  This means that they would end up going in to debt just to get the testing done on the fabrics they are using!  Sadly, this means that Jenn at BBB will be taking a bit of a break by February 10, 2009.  She’s going to see how things shake out in regards to this law (whether they decide to remove small businesses from it, or remove clothing), and hopefully she’ll be back in business.  Otherwise, if you’re looking to to try a new, wonderful WAHM diaper, I would really recommend Jenn at Bare Bottoms Boutique!   She doesn’t just carry diapers, but really cool trainers for potty training, wet bags for diaper or just for swimming suits, nursing covers, cloth wipes, and really cool onsies that are made to fit over the fluffy bums that we all enjoy!  Be sure to go and check her stuff out while you still have the chance.

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