I’m doing Flylady again (I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it), and this week we’re cleaning out the Master Bedroom/Closet/Ensuite.  This time I’ve made up my own lists as to what needs to be done for the week (as well as an every other month and an occassionally list – ie. I don’t need to wash our pillows once a month, but I can do it occassionally). 

As a special effort this week, I’m trying to get rid of as much crap as possible.  Seriously, I am sick of all the garbage around my house.  Like Hanna says, it’s garbage in my house or it’s garbage in the landfill – either way it’s garbage.  So, I don’t want my house to turn into a giant landfill, so I’ve been flinging things into the Goodwill bin or garbage can as much as possible. 

On Monday, I cleaned out under the counter in our bathroom.  I threw out half used bottles of lotion, soaps that were gifts that I will never use, makeup that was way past it’s prime, half empty bottles of hair spray, and even a pair of craft scissors (weird!).  I also rinsed out the bins, cleaned the bottom of the cabinet and put everything back nice and neat.  It is so nice to open up the cabinet and not look at such a mess.  I spent most of my cleaning in the bathroom that day – I cleaned it from top to bottom, even removing the hardwater buildup and soap scum off our bottles in the shower.  It’s nice and spic and span now!

On Tuesday, I dusted out bedroom and I think I got, like 3 pounds of dust out of the place.  We have dark brown walls, which means that you can see it when it gets dusty… and that is never pleasant.  Our TV is back to being shiny black, and the lamp isn’t coated in grey fluff.  I also got rid of some garbage in our drawers, as I still had Christmas crap shoved into one of my drawers for safe hiding.  Then I attacked our socks and underwear drawers.  I think I flung at least 12 pairs of socks of my own – they either had holes or would fall down inside of my shoes (they were those short ankle socks), and our “backup” underwear for when the laundry wasn’t done (the plus side of doing laundry on a regular schedule?  Not having to wear ooooold undies).  I also scrubbed the baseboards, washed the windows and the mirror. 

Today, Wednesday, I attacked my closet like I have never done so before.  Seriously, I had piles of clothes in there that I was not wearing.  I had a very tall stack of postpartum clothes that are too big for me now, but that I need to save for the next time we have a kid.  I swear I had over 20 pairs of pants – I filled a green garbage bag with fat pants, people!  While I am glad that I am no longer wearing the pants (they ranged in sizes, from plus sized to sizes that are just slightly too baggy on me now), part of me cringes over the amount of money that I just shoved into a bag in the basement (although compared to my stack of maternity clothes… it’s not such a huge deal).  I also have a shelf of clothes that are slightly too small, but that I’m hoping to fit into them soon and I went through that brutally.  I decided that I would keep things that I would REALLY want to wear if I could again, or things that were sentimental.  All other items were tossed into bags for Goodwill.  It was so freeing and nice to get rid of the pressure of fitting back into those clothes, I extended my efforts to the rubbermaid bin in the basement.  I went through that with a fine-toothed comb.  My theory is that I am probably not going to be a size 6 again, and that is OK.  If I magically do get down to that size, let’s be honest – I’m going to want new clothes anyway.  So, I kept all the things that are sentimental (honeymoon bikini) and things that would make good dress up clothes (dresses from weddings), and put the rest into two piles:  donate to charity or sell.  I have three 22L bags of stuff to go to charity, and almost two 22L bags of clothing to sell.  I am so very excited to get them listed and hopefully the stuff will go.  Even if I only make $5 on each item, it’s worth more to me than having that pressure, that reminder of my former body, hanging around in the basement.  Then maybe I could buy something new and beautiful for myself to wear (or for Kitten to wear, seeing as how we’re being honest! Ha ha!). 

I’m not sure why flinging all these clothes feels so freeing to me, like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  Maybe the visual (and physical when I would try stuff on) reminder of my former body size was just kind of depressing.  I’m aware that I have a “mom” body now, and I might even say that I’m “mom hot” – I’ve got a good shape and I look great in the right clothes, and I’m OK with that.  It just feels good to fling stuff out of my closet, whether it’s too small clothing that I’ll never wear, or too big stuff that I need to put into storage.  At least now I know that I’m not going to have to try on 5 things before I find something that looks good now!