A New Thing

I’m starting a new thing, and it will be called “Continually Kitten”.  I’ve had a few requests to know what Kitten is up to, as I’m just not writing about her (or anything, really).  I need to embrace my mommy-bloggerness and just put it out there.  So, hopefully I’ll post a little more regularly, and you can see what kinds of fun things Kitten has been up to.  I hope you enjoy it! 

  • Kitten now has 6 teeth.  She has two front top teeth, two front bottom teeth, and her right side molars.  For everyone who hasn’t memorized the order in which teeth come in, babies are supposed to get two bottom teeth, two top teeth (all in the front), the the two top teeth that surround the front ones, then the bottom ones.  AFTER a baby gets those eight front teeth, they usually start to work on their molars.  So Kitten got one bottom tooth, the matching top tooth, the other top tooth, the matching bottom tooth, and then skipped all the way to her molars.  It also looks/feels like the other two molars should be arriving some time in the next week.  She’s been really good with her molars, only a bit fussy.
  • Although… it’s hard to tell what is teething fussiness and what is “hey, I just realized that I have will and would like to exert it now”!!  She’s definitely opinionated, and likes to pick things for herself. 
  • Jenn and her family gifted Kitten with this wild set of musical instruments for Christmas.  It’s made by the Parents Magazine company (it’s not the Bee Bop Set, but the african inspired set).  Anyway, she just learned how to use the whistles in the set, so she’s really into that.  You can hear her tooting away from all corners of the house.  Her favourite is the slide whistle, but we have to do the slide portion of it for her. 
  • Kitten says a lot of different words/names now, and will identify people on our fridge by their pictures.  She talks about Hanna, Auntie (my sister Jenn), Nana, Babies (we have a few baby pictures on our fridge), as well as Mama & Daddy.  She also talks about Makka Pakka, Upsie Daisy, and is always talking about her Lovey. 
  • The Sunday before last, we lost Lovey at church.  Kitten was obviously distraught, but seemed able to accept the Lovey version 2.0 as a reasonable substitute.  We had looked high and low for the thing, and couldn’t find it.  Luckily, I saw it at the very bottom of the toy box this Sunday past, and we were able to bring it home.  Kitten has barely let it out of her sight since!
  • She has a thing for shoes.  Kitten loves shoes, she loves to carry them around, she loves to walk around in my shoes, or in her own shoes.  For some reason, shoes hold a great big part of her heart, and I fear our future.  I just hope that she’s as happy with designer knock-offs… there’s no way we’ll be able to afford TWO shoe habits in our house! 
  • Heh.  I was just scrolling through my flickr for pictures of Lovey, and I was floored by the amount of hair that she has now!  It’s long, past her shoulders, and wavy and wild.  I love it.  It’s still very fine, but it holds ponytails well. 

That’s all I can think of today.  So tune in next week to hear of other amusing things she’s up to!  Here’s a recent picture for your viewing pleasure.  Oh, and she’s holding Lovey Version 1.0 in her hand (in case you were wondering what I have been blathering on about).