10 Bottle of Dressing…

One of my New Years Resolutions was to try to keep a cleaner house.  So I decided that I probably could go ahead and start FlyLady again.  I know that it worked for me before when Kitten was taking two naps a day, and now that she plays so nicely without me, I thought that maybe I could try to get a few quick jobs done between breakfast and lunch. 

I started a couple of weeks ago, and got some good cleaning done.  I’ve also scheduled out my laundry, my weekly chores, and I’m participating in the zone cleaning.  Truthfully, my home is cleaner than it has been in a while (in general – not all areas have been through a zone, so not all areas have been scowered), although it’s still covered in toys.  I’ve not been good at doing the 15 minute pick up before bed, which I probably need to move into my routine.

Anyway, I’ve been following Kelly’s Missions as well as the normal zone cleaning, and I need to make a confession.  I threw out 10 bottles of salad dressing.  TEN BOTTLES.  Most of them were full.  I would like to know why we, people who don’t really like salad and very rarely eat it, have 10 bottles of dressing.  They were all expired, mostly only by a few months, and most of them were more than half full.  It felt like a giant waste, but lets be honest – next year, I probably would have thrown them all out anyway… and they wouldn’t be all that much emptier.  The garbage bag that I filled (a small one) with expired crap from my fridge was SO HEAVY.  I should have weighed it, it probably would have been around 8 pounds.  I also wiped the inside of the fridge down, just to clean up the dust (???) and spills, and I can’t believe how much nicer it looks!  I am impressed. 

To be honest, it’s been so nice to have a routine again.  I mean, my google calendar (where I schedule everything so I know the night before what I’m up against) looks really silly, but it works out so nicely.  I’m able to gather up the laundry the night before so I can take it downstairs and get it into the washing machine first thing.  Then when Kitten goes down for a nap, I can fold it all and put it away, and I don’t have baskets and baskets laying around… which is awesome.  Another awesome thing?  The loads are smaller, which means that the clothes are getting cleaner.  I know that is awful, but I am glad that I haven’t had to have someone come out to make sure that my machine is malfunctioning.  Although, it’s just not right that I can’t wash a big load of clothes… but oh well, that’s something I’ll think about another day!  I’ve also started to wash Kitten’s clothes with our clothes, and it seems to be helping to keep her stuff more organized.  And it doesn’t sit around in the loft for weeks because it’s annoying to sit and hang up 80 million tiny pieces of clothing! 

Anyway, so anyone who wants to clean up their house should really try Flylady.  It’s not going to work for you if you don’t take the time to do it, but it is a great place to start.  And guess what!  They even have a section for moving :cough:MyKidsMom:cough:!