Mittens & Christmas Ornaments

I’ve finished up two more projects that I’ve been working on.  The biggest project was a pair of mittens for my brother’s girlfriend.  I really have no idea if she will like them, but I’m really hoping so.  With my luck, she’ll super hate pink or something.  Oh well, nothing I can do about it now! 

The problem that I had with these mittens is that I didn’t buy enough wool.  I thought that I would have enough, but no.  I double knit the mittens so they would be super warm, which was a great idea, except that I only had enough wool for one mitten.  When I went back to get more, the shop had just sold the last of it.  I could have just wept!  So, I ended up ripping apart the mitten that I had completed.  I separated the yarn and used a charcoal grey as my second string of yarn for the mittens.  They turned out a lot darker than the original mitten did, but I think that I liked the overall effect. 

They’ve been washed in wool wash, and as soon as they’re good and dry, I’ll have wrapped them up and Christmas prep will be FINISHED!  Yay!

Christmas Mittens

Christmas Mittens

The colour has pooled interestingly. It kind of wraps around the mitten, which you can’t see in the picture. Apparently I can’t count, so one mitten is a slightly different size than the other one. I’m all kinds of awesome about that! It really annoys me, actually, but there is NO WAY I am taking these apart.

With the leftover yarn, I tried to make a globe Christmas ornament. It turned out ok. I think it would have looked nicer if I paid more attention to making sure that I didn’t get ladders (which I did), and I stuffed it with plastic bags instead of cotton batting… so it’s slightly more lumpy than it might have otherwise been. I didn’t have any cotton batting hanging about and didn’t want to buy a bag for a fist sized ornament… so I went with what I had. I’m all right with how it turned out, I think.

Cabled Christmas Ornament