A Budding Addiction

Um, I think I might be developing a problem.  It has everything to do with knitting, but it’s mostly about the yarn (and maybe these needles that I can’t stop lusting over).  Glorious yarn, in your beautiful splendor!  I love both perfectly dyed verigated yarn!  I love slubby, uneven, oddly dyed yarn!  I like teeny tiny yarn and super bulky yarn alike (not that I’ve had a chance to knit with either of those weights).

I just bought new yarn today.  I am so very excited.  It’s going to look like this (sorry, I don’t want to steal this person’s picture), but in a worsted weight.  I’m going to make a clutch blanket for my brother’s baby, and it’s going to be so super cute!  I can’t wait. 

I think I am also going to buy this in a  super bulky wool.  And with it, I shall make this hat!  Which I super love.  But I think I will wait until after Christmas, to see what needles I end up and stuff.  I don’t want to buy too many duplicates because I’m impatient.  And I’m hoping that if I do make this hat, that it won’t take too long to do.  Our coldest part of the year is usually January – February, so I think I’ll still get lots of use out of it. 

Anyway, I love looking at all this handmade yarn in such beautiful colours.  I totally understand why some people have buckets and buckets of unused yarn, it’s just so pretty!