CSFF Blog Tour – Shade by John Olson

I can’t believe this blog tour is here already.  I got this book a week or three ago (seriously, time is NOT my friend right now… the days blend together) and it lived in my kitchen for a while.  I wasn’t really inspired to read it, but that was because I had forgotten what it was about when I ordered it.  So it sat while I read sub-par chick-lit and regrettable fantasy.  I’m kind of bummed out that I let it sit for so long!  It’s a really great story.  I’m only on page 208, so that means I’m not done yet (and thus won’t give a full review), but I am really enjoying it.

I know that it’s supposed to be a frightening book, and I do find it suspenseful, but I don’t find it as scary as some others might be finding it.  I’m not sure if it’s because vampires fit firmly in the “do not exist, therefore am not afraid” category for me, or if it’s because I’m not finished the book.  It could also be that after reading The Infernal by Kim Wilkins, no other book will ever frighten me again (the book is seriously awesome, although graphic, and made me sleep with the light on).  I don’t know.  But regardless of my personal scare-factor, I wouldn’t recommend this book to those of you who don’t enjoy darker, slightly more suspenseful, almost a “horror” type story (I’m look at you, Hanna).

Anyway, I would like to get back to reading the book, rather than just talking about it, so please read more about the book here, and the author (John Olson) here.  Please also visit the rest of the tour participants, as they are often more eloquent and verbose than I am. 

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