Knit Fit

Hey, remember how I was knitting a scarflette, and took a picture and was all “aren’t my knitting needles pretty”?  Well, I finished that project (recipe here)!  And here’s the proof:

Finished Scarflette

Scarflette Close Up

Presently, I’m working on two other projects, and hopefully I’ll be able to show them to you soon.  I’m doing a cable stitched hooded scarf for Kitten, and I really love the yarn (the lady talked me into acrylic rather than wool – I should have gone with the wool/alpaca, oh well).  The needles that I’m using for this one were cheaper than the other ones I bought and really gripped the yarn.  I have to say… SO ANNOYING!!!  But, it does make it harder for the yarn to just slip off the needles like it has happened to me before!  After I’m done the two projects I’m working on, I think I’ll start a baby blanket for my brother’s on-the-way.  I saw some really wonderful bamboo yarn at the store that I think will wash up really nicely! 

I’m feeling pretty proud of myself for figuring this stuff out.  I had some help with the buttonholes on the scarflette above (I didn’t understand the terminology they used to make the holes), and then I watched a lot of knitting videos, and did some trial and error (especially where the cable stitch came in!).  I did make a huge error in Kitten’s scarf, which left a funny line along the scarf.  I’m hoping that no one will look too closely at it! 😀  Oh well.  Once it’s done, I’ll try to remember to take a picture of it!

Ps. if anyone wants to buy me presents, I recommend gift certificates for – I love their wool, but have a hard time justifying that expensive of yarn!