Project Update!

Here are some pictures of my latest projects.  As you know, I started a new quilt… but I totally screwed it up.  I ended up making it work without buying any new fabric, and I’m darn proud of myself for that!  I really like the colours, and can’t wait to give it to the recipient of it… but I can’t until I get the stuffing, the backing, and then sew it all together.  I did the top part in like, 2 or 3 days, though.  It didn’t take long, in fact, this is the fastest quilt I’ve done! 

Finished quilt top

Quilt Close Up

I’ve not really got the money for the stuffing/backing right now, so I decided to start on a new project.  I am making this scarflette for my brother’s girlfriend for her birthday.  I’m about 7″ in, and learned how to knit from YouTube.  I’m not really sure what “blocking” means (as in, wash and then block), but I’m guessing that it means that you stretch it into the right shape while it dries?  I am also super afraid of doing the button holes, as I’m not really sure what the pattern means for that part.  However, I did figure out how to do a slip stitch (thanks, YouTube!), which I have to do every other row.  There is no brainless knitting in this pattern, you have to count and pay attention for nearly every row.  I’m not complaining, but it makes it hard to watch TV and knit at the same time!  Except for Sesame Street, because you don’t really have to watch the TV to understand that show!  Ha ha!

Here’s the yarn I picked up for the scarflette, as well as my shiny new knitting needles.  I really really wanted the see-through acrylic needles because they look AWESOME, but they didn’t have the size I needed.  Also:  I should have purchased the shorter needles.  These are a pain in the bum to work with at this length, as I don’t need them to be this long by any stretch of the imagination.  Also:  I can’t figure out how to wind the yarn through my fingers to keep the tension correct.  I know how to do it for crocheting, but it doesn’t seem to work the same way.  I also remember my Nana holding the needles a special way, but I can’t remember for the life of me!  ::sigh::

My Latest Project