Kitten Has a Message For You

And that message is “no”.  Clearly, and in response to everything.  Last week, she nodded for everything (I think she finally figured out how).  I’ll try to get a video of it, it’s adorable.

It’s not hindering our communication process too terribly much.  If she really wants something, she’ll usually say “no” while nodding her head (sometimes we get a “yeah” or a non-commital grunt instead of the “no”) and if she really means no, she’ll shake her head quite emphatically!  It’s been so nice to actually get answers to questions!

In other news, Kitten can now say “ball” and likes to point to all the balls in her books and in her toy box.  In fact, I nearly got that 10 pound chime ball ( you know, with the rocking horse and swan it in?  It’s clear on top and green on the bottom?  We all had them when we were kids?) in the head, as she said “ball!” and threw it at me (I was laying on the ground).  I’m pretty sure I would have died, had it made contact.  Lucky for me, I have cat-like reflexes and moved out of the way!

Speaking of reflexes – not so good on Monday.  After Kitten got up from her nap, I was washed her poopy diaper out in the toilet.  She toddled around upstairs.  Sadly, she went near the stairs while I was washing my hands and lost her balance right at the top.  You can see where I’m going with this.  She fell down a half flight of carpeted stairs.  She had a pretty big scare (we both did!), but there doesn’t seem to be any lasting issues.  I was afraid to pick her up at first, but I checked her bones and made her wiggle her toes (thanks St. John’s first aid!) before I picked her up.  The poor sweetie.  I know I’ll definitely remember to engage the baby gate when I’m busy now!  I feel bad that she took a tumble, but I’m thankful that she’s ok, and that it wasn’t the basement stairs that she fell down! 

And completely unrelated to everything else: I’ve gained at least 5 pounds.  I’m pretty sure it’s all the cream in my coffee, so I’m sad to say that I’m having to cut back to 10% cream (vs. 18%).  It was fun while it lasted! LOL!  Due to get up earlier, I seem to be drinking more coffee as well (2 cups instead of 1), so that probably has something to do with it too!  I find it very frustrating that as soon as I eat something that might be a little indulgent (cream instead of milk) the weight just comes right back on.  I was doing really well counting my calories and losing weight – maybe I should go back to that.