Beyond The Reflection's Edge – Day 2

Today I wanted to highlight some of my tour-mates so it makes it much easier for you to see what other people are posting about.  First, though, have you checked out Bryan Davis’ blog?  If you have, you might have noticed that he’s having a sale!  You can get the first two books in the Echo’s from the Edge series (Beyond the Reflection’s Edge and Eternity’s Edge) for only $15 each!  In Canada, that’s practically like getting one of them for $2.  So if you’ve read anything that piques your interest, I would highly suggest getting in on this deal – once you’ve read the first one, you will definitely want the second!

Do you want to know where Davis got his inspiration for the Echos from the Edge series?  S.J. Deal asks, and shares the answers he got.

Rebecca wrote about how she came to know Davis through a Christian writers group.

The Speculative Faith blog is discussing what kind of genre Beyond the Reflection’s Edge fits under (personally?  I can’t decide!).

Mike gives a brief review of the book, and also brings up his feelings on time/dimension travel.

At The Least Read Blog on the Web, John shares some of his feelings about the book (and frankly, I agree with some of them, although I’ll give my full review tomorrow). 

So stay tuned until tomorrow, when you’ll get my final feelings on the book!