CSFF Blog Tour – Beyond the Reflection's Edge

The Book:

Beyond the Reflection’s Edge is a mystery/time travel/speculative fiction work that is aimed at the teen reader.  The basic premise of the book is this:

Nathan Shepherd has lived his past 16 years following around his mother and father – a great musician and investigator, respectively – until his world came crashing down when both of his parents were brutally murdered.  Realizing that Nathan is in mortal danger, he and Clara (his tutor) go into hiding with his father’s old college buddy and daughter Kelly.  Having only a mirror and information on his dad’s last case, Nathan must put together the pieces to solve the mystery of the mirror and his parents’ death before they become the next dead bodies. 

I received this book in the mail a few days ago.  While I don’t usually like photoshop covers, I do have to say that this one was well done and unique.  I think that it gives a great idea of what will be in the book.  The story revolves around a mirror, music, and the city – all things captured in this cover. 

You can view the goodreads.com book page here, to read what other people who have read the book think about it, and view the average ranking. 

The Author:

Bryan Davis is an accomplished author who writes two other series, Dragons in Our Midst, and Oracles of Fire; as well as several other non-fiction books.  You can visit his website here, and his blog here.

The Tour:

As always, the blog tour is a big joint effort on the parts of many people.  Our list of participants seems to grow and grow, so please visit other participants and see what other people are saying about it. 

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My Take So Far:

I’m pre-writing this post on Saturday, and as of now, I’m about 1/3 of the way in.  I’m happy to say that I’m enjoying it so far.  It’s not THE BEST BOOK EVER, but it’s pretty good!  From the other reviews I have read about it, it just gets better and better!  It’s also possible that I’m just not the target audience for it.  I think that the relationship between Kelly and Nathan has a lot of potential, and that the action scenes are really great.  Don’t forget to view my goodreads.com profile to see how far along in the book I am! [note: If you are on goodreads.com, and we’re not friends yet, please friend-request me!  I’d love to compare books!] [second note: If you’re not on goodreads.com, why not?  Sign up here!]