What I'm Watching

I try not to watch too much TV these days (because really, when do I have the time?), but there are a few shows that I’ve been following this season.

America’s Next Top Model – I can’t believe I still watch this show.  I don’t know why, it’s my main guilty pleasure show.  There’s something about it that makes me groan in embarrasment every time I watch it, but I just can’t turn it off.  My hopes for the winner for this cycle is Elena, or maybe Marjorie. 

Private Practice – I think I might have missed an episode or two from last season (after the writers strike, I didn’t watch much after that), but it doesn’t seem to have affected the story line.  I’m interested to see where things go.  I really want Naomi and Sam to get back together, and would love to see Addison and Pete finally get together, but I’m not entirely agains the police guy either.  All I know, is that if the guy who quit in the season premier doesn’t come back, I’m going to be mad.

Survivor – Rob suckered me into watching Fans Vs. Favorites last year, so we’ve continued on in watching this season.  It’s pretty interesting, and I love how pretty everything is there.  Although they’re all “Earth’s last Eden” and I keep thinking “well, not any more!  You’ve ruined it now, with all your production crews and stuff”.  I think that the season has been pretty interesting, although I’m annoyed that they keep Exile Island in every game (especially considering that there IS NO ISLAND this round).

The Office – We’ve only had two episodes so far, but I’m really enjoying it.  Thursday’s episode was a little lame, but it was interesting to see the dynamics in Michael and Holly’s relationship.  I think they’d be so much fun together, but I’m willing to see how the writers continue the story.  The baby is going to be veeeeeery interesting! 

Things I’m not watching because it will take too much effort to catch up, but miss:

  • House
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Grey’s Anatomy

So, what is everyone else watching?  Is it good?  Should I look it up?