On Tuesday, I had an eye exam and a contact fitting.  I am very excited to be able to wear contacts again.  Any of you mothers with glasses out there know exactly how much of a pain glasses can be.  I swear, my glasses are always filthy, and always a temptation for Kitten to grab.  I’m very glad that my eye doctor was able to help me fit some contacts.  The best thing?  I can wear them 24/7 for a month if I want (then I throw them out).  I tried that for about 48 hours, and then had to take them out.  Truthfully?  I loved having them in, and being able to see in the middle of the night, and first thing when I woke up.  But I’m a little cheesed.  I can’t read as well with them.  Things aren’t as sharp, I can’t read properly (on any screen, print is ok if it’s near me), and I have eye-stress headaches by the end of the night.  I’m really annoyed because I want these contacts to work so well.  But I’m having major problems, and not being able to read what’s on my laptop screen (which sits on my lap) is unacceptable.  I’m hoping that it’s a prescrption thing, and not a “sorry, this is just how it is” thing.  ::sigh:: I’m very frustrated, and hoping that I can get an answer.  Also: I feel more sensitive to light when I’m wearing contacts.  Is that crazy?

Earlier on Tuesday, I was getting groceries at my regular store (15% off day!  Holla!), when I ran into a friend that I haven’t seen since graduation day.  You know, 9 years ago!  She hasn’t changed a bit, and it was SO NICE to see her.  I don’t know why I’m suddenly reconnecting with people, although part of me thinks it’s because I’m finally ready to.  I’m not looking to my friends from high school to give me the feelings of happiness that I had during that time – I’m aware that high school is over, and I love where I am in life now.  I’m glad that I didn’t meet people 5 or 6 years ago, when I wouldn’t have been able to relate to my old friends in a healthy way.  It has been so nice to get to see some of the old familiar faces and catch up with them again.

You might wonder why I’m not on FaceBook, and want to tell me that if I was on FaceBook that I wouldn’t have to wait to run into people in the grocery store, or have them randomly find my blog.  I still resist the urge to join FB because my desire to be on it is purely voyeristic.  I don’t believe that people can have meaningful connections and community on FB.  I know that some people reconnect and then take their new friendships off the computer, but most people have FB “friends” – friends who come online to say “happy birthday” or other such little bits of conversation that isn’t really conversation.  There is no community in that.  There is no social need being met.  It’s more like we’d all be reading magazine articles about each other, and then convincing ourselves that we really “know” the other person.  No thanks FaceBook, I would prefer to meet in the grocery store, where we can block the aisle talking about what we’ve been up to, what high school was like, and stirring warm memories in each other in person*.  If that means that I run across people far less often, so be it. 

*I have also enjoyed the few people from high school who have found my blog and told me that they have.  It’s been great getting to renew some of those friendships over email and in person.