Shhhh! Thinking Going On Here

I have been quiet on this here blog lately because I have been thinking some fairly deep (if that’s not bragging) and personal things that I don’t necessarily think that everyone needs to hear.  Mostly religious stuff, and I am not sure that I’m ready (willing?) to share all of my internal struggles with the Internet At Large.  But so as to give you a glance at where I have been, here is something I wrote down this morning while reading Reaching For The Invisible God by Philip Yancey (he was talking about Mother Theresa and the nuns in Calcutta, and their devotion to God):

I should try to dedicate each day, each task, to God.  Maybe I would get something done each day!  I fell swallowed alternately by busy-ness and boredom, leaving very little energy or desire to meet with God.  The only time I’m able to dedicate some time to Bible reading and praying is when I get up before Kitten.  I have no drive to do that, any other time of the day.

Also, here is a quick quote from Mark Buchanan, the author of Your God is Too Safe:

Sometimes doubting is not a lack of faith, but an expression of it. Sometimes to doubt is to merely insist that God be taken seriously not frivolously, to insist that our faith is placed in and upheld by something other than seeming conjuring tricks.