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It’s tour time again, and instead of touring a specific book, the group of us who participate in the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog tour are looking at a new speculative Christian publishing company.  I’ve read a fair number of times that it can be rather hard to get speculative Christian literature (speculative Christian literature:  Fantasy, science fiction, time travel, thrillers, alternate realities… any of these “types” of books that come from a Christian world view) through a publishing house and into the hands of fans.  So, Marcher Lord Press grew out of that frustration, and a dream that these genre books would become available to the readers who wanted them.  Their desire is to tell stories told from a Christian worldview, but without falling into the “mom-lit” category (ie. prairie romance, female led mysteries, or general Christian chic-lit) that seems so prevelent when we think of “Christian literature” (at least that’s what I think of!). 

Marcher Lord Press officially opens it’s doors (er… cart?) on October 1, 2008.  They will be releasing three books, Hero, Second Class by Mitchell Bonds, The Personifid Invasion by R. E. Bartlett, and Summa Elvetica: A Casuistry of the Elvish Controversy by Theodore Beale.  If you make a purchase on October 1st, in addition to getting a great book, you’ll also be rewarded with free books!  If you purchase one book, you’ll get a single book for free.  If you order two books, you get a beautiful coffee table E-book for free (which Hanna is in!  Yay!).  Also, they’re having a prize giveaway, so be sure to register for that as well!

Be sure to visit Marcher Lord Press to see if any of their soon-to-be-released books interest you.  The three are all fairly different in storylines, so I am sure that you will find one to suit your speculative Christian tastes!  You can also visit Jeff Gerke at Where The Map Ends, a website resource for speculative Christian authors and fans alike.  Also be sure to visit the rest of the tour participants, to see what else others are saying on the tour! 

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