Move Along Nothing to See Here!

I updated my layout, although I’m having problems with the footer.  Originally, I couldn’t even figure out how to change the words in my footer – it was all mumbo-jumbo.  Now, I’m able to get the words changed, but the actual image that’s supposed to show up (which is just pink, by the way) doesn’t.  Frustration!  If any of my super CSS savvy friends want to have a look at it, please let me know.  In my basic understanding of CSS, I think I have it all coded correctly… but apparently not, if it doesn’t work.

In other news, things have been quiet around her.  I’ve been doing a lot of sitting on my bum, getting vegetables ready to go into the freezer, and reading.  Kitten has been mostly healthy, but last night her nose started to run again.

Speaking of Kitten, she goes for her 1 year immunizations later today.  Yes, she is 14 months old (nearly), but I didn’t call enough in advance to get her shots done closer to her birthday.  She was actually supposed to go last week, but she was quite a bit more ill, so we put it off.  I’m hoping that she doesn’t have any adverse reactions to the shots, but we’ll see how it goes.  She’s going to be tired, as the shots are during her nap time.  Bummer.

I pulled out the old Wii Fit yesterday, just to see how much I weighed.  It looks like I’ve lost 8 pounds since early June!  I’m quite surprised.  I know that I’ve been slowly and steadily lowering my weight, but I didn’t think it was quite that much!  I was pleased at the results.  I was so happy that I even tried to take a picture, but we have a CRT tv, and those tend to not photograph well.  Anyway, according to Wii Fit, I am now “normal” and no longer “overweight”.  Yay!  It thinks that I should still lose another 15 pounds to be at a BMI of 22, but the machine has clearly not looked very closely at my body.  I’m not sure I can lose 15 pounds without starving myself silly! 

I’m sorry that this is all I have for you right now.  Later today, I will be sure to stop by with a CSFF Blog Tour post, so keep your eyes peeled!