Sew Sew Sew Your… Errrr…

I’ve had a lot of sewing projects on the go lately, and most of them were unfinished.  Today, I went fabric shopping for my latest quilt, and decided that I couldn’t start on it until I got a couple of my projects completed.  This proved to be excellent incentive (nothing more fun than starting a new quilt!), and I knocked two projects off my list. 

Behold!  I finished my friend’s gDiaper inserts.  They’re made of 5 layers of microfiber, inside a flannel bag type thing.  I topstitched all the packets 2″ from the end to help prevent the microfiber from moving around.  I wasn’t terribly particular with the top stitching, but I might be next time.  These measure 10″ x 4″ (give or take) to fit inside the small gDiaper liners.  I considered topping these with fleece, but fleece tends to build up with soap/detergent residue if the person washing them isn’t particular.  Flannel is a lot more forgiving, so my friend chose that.  I hope that she likes them!

Cloth G-Diaper Inserts

Did I tell you about how I was going to make a dress out of a man’s dress shirt? Well, it’s done. Finally.  This was certainly the most difficult project I’ve taken on in some time.  I followed the tutorial here for the shirt, and modified a soaker pattern for the diaper cover.  I even did a knife pleated ruffle in between the straps to make sure that we would have the maximum chest coverage.  The shirt started out as a medium shirt, and I’m hoping that the dress will fit Kitten next summer, when I figure she’ll be wearing a 3T.  I’m not sure if the diaper cover will fit or not, it was really hard to guess the size on it.  I used the zig-zag on all the seams that didn’t get fully turned inside, to help prevent fraying.  This is the easiest way to finish a seam, just remember to let the needle go over the edge of the fabric on one side!

Dress Front

Dress Back

Dress Front

Side note: It looks like there is a problem with the strap in the picture above. It’s just that the flap that isn’t sewn down is caught on the top of the dress. It is actually perfect.

So, left in my “to be done” pile are a few projects.  I would like to finish all the hankies I have cut out so we have more “nose cloth” around the house.  There are a few other alternative to paper products that I would like to make.  But I am happy with finishing these two projects.  Piece by piece, I’ll finish the other stuff, but I’m not sweating it at this point! 

Tonight, I’ll start cutting the fat quarters for my next quilt.  I really love the fabrics I got, and wish that this was one that I got to keep. 

A preview of things to come