How Not to Hike Up a Mountain*

*Unless you do this all the time.

Earlier in September, Rob, Kitten and I joined Rob’s folks for a great vacation in the mountains for the weekend.  We left early Friday morning, and Kitten was really good for the whole trip out there.  The in-laws rode in the back seat with her, and did a wonderful job of entertaining her.  Rob and I took turns driving, so it wasn’t too monotonous either. 

On Saturday, we decided to hike up to see some of the waterfalls.  None of us had seen any interesting falls lately, so we thought that it would be a worth Saturday morning adventure.  We were prepared.  We had my camera, snacks for Kitten, hats and mitts in case it was really cold (we used the mittens until we really got going).  We also had the cuddle wrap for Kitten.  This means that Kitten was strapped to my chest (facing out, so she could see) for 1.5 miles up the mountain.  I relinquished control of my camera to Rob’s dad, so I could concentrate on walking with 25 pounds strapped to my chest, and not bonk Kitten in the head every 5 seconds with my camera.  This worked out really well, actually, because I’m in some pictures, instead of taking them all. 

Kitten’s favorite word these days is “Puppy”.  You can imagine her delight when we saw people with dogs (and even puppies!) going up to the falls.  We stopped for a brief moment, and a passing dog jumped right up on the bench beside us to say hello!  Kitten even got to pet him and scream “PUPPY!!!” over and over. 

After we reached the top of the falls, we turned Kitten inward facing (so much lighter!) and hiked down the mountain.  She did fall asleep, and had a nap as we walked down.  To be honest, this is one of my favorite times to carry her.  I love it when she naps in the carrier.  I know that it’s not as good of a nap as in her bed, but I love that she feels snug and safe enough to sleep while curled up against me. 

I was really sore the next day, and the day after.  I knew I was going to be, as we were going up the mountain, but oh man.  I haven’t been sore like that in a long time!

I spent a lot of that weekend carrying Kitten, and it really reminded me of how much I truly love to wear her.  I love having her cuddled up against me where I know that she’s safe and warm, and I’m not having to push a stroller or worry about how I will navigate a small store. 

We all had a really great time in the mountains, and I am so thankful that we were able to go. 


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