Diaper Update

I know that many of my readers won’t care at all, but I wanted to update those who do care:  we are still cloth diapering.  We’ve completed four months of cloth diapering, mostly full time with the odd disposable diaper thrown in for good measure (for when we need to put rash cream on her, or I was lazy and had no clean diapers). 

We have tried pretty much every style of diaper, and I think we’ve settled on a style and brand that we prefer.  We love our bumGenius pocket diapers (and the All-In-2 Organic).  They are incredibly easy to use (like a disposable), they wash up great and they dry so fast.  They’re really all we could ask for in a diaper.  We also love Clover fitted diapers.  We use these around the house where it doesn’t matter if Kitten gets her pants wet a bit.  We use fleece pants when the weather allows for it, as fleece doesn’t absorb liquid, but you can feel that she’s damp by touching the fabric.  It’s a great solution – her skin is able to breathe, and we don’t have to worry about accidents that can come from mobile naked baby time. 

I was our diapers every other day.  We keep a pail in the bathroom so it doesn’t stink up Kitten’s bedroom (to be honest, it only smells with the lid is off), and because it’s convenient to have the pail there for when we deal with stinky diapers.  I am still dunking all dirty diapers in the toilet, as I want to get offending matter off and into the toilet, and I have been too cheap to buy a diaper sprayer at this point (think: vegetable sprayer like on the sink, attached to the toilet.  They work really well).  I’ve dunked so many diapers, it doesn’t even phase me any more.  I just make sure to wash my hands really well.  Don’t tell anyone, but I use anti-bacterial soap for this.  In my defense, I didn’t buy it, and if I just threw it out, it would be wasteful and anti-green.  I feel more confident, as well, that my hands are poop free after I use the anti-bacterial soap. 

As for washing the diapers, I’ve simplified my routine.  I throw all the diapers that were in the pail into my washing machine (front loader) on a hot wash cycle with an extra rinse.  I use Sunlight sensitive laundry detergent, as I found the more natural stuff wasn’t cutting it in the hard water we have here.  I run another full hot wash cycle with nothing added.  This gives the left over detergent time to wash the diapers again (because that’s never bad), and help rinse any detergent residue out.  Finally, I set it to one extra rinse and spin with vinegar and tea tree oil.  The vinegar helps to make sure that the soap is out of the diapers, and the tea tree oil can help kill any bacteria that’s left in the water (it’s not as good as something like bleach, but it is enough for diapers that are getting washed every few days).  I find that this has been a very effective cleaning format for us, as we don’t get horrible smelling diapers, and they don’t stain.  When the diapers are looking especially dingy or smell especially bad, I may use a small amount of bleach or oxyclean to boost my detergent.  If I do this (which is probably less than once a month), I have to add ANOTHER quick wash setting to make sure that the chemicals are all rinsed out.  Many babies are sensitive to residual bleach in their diapers.

After the washing, it’s a quick trip in the dryer or on the line, and back into the drawer, easy peasy!  I still love cloth diapering, and will continue to do it.  It’s been an interesting adventure, and now that I’ve simplified a lot of things, it is really quite simple.  I love the big heap of diapers I get to play with every other day, and it always brings a smile to my face to put some pretty piece of fluff that I picked out on Kitten’s bottom.  It’s possible that I’m just weird like that, but there you go.

This is my laundry pile every other day.  It takes me about 10 minutes to fold it all and put it away. 

Clean Diapers - 2 days worth