GRPR Blog Tour: Beyond The Night

Beyond The Nightby Marlo Schalesky

Important Info:

  • ISBN – 10: 1601420161
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Publisher:The Doubleday Religious Publishing Group

The Premise (from the Publisher):

They say love is blind. This time they’re right…

As a woman lies unconscious in a hospital bed, her husband waits beside her, urging her to wake up and come home. Between them lies an ocean of fear and the tenuous grip of memories long past. Memories of wonder. Of love. Memories of a girl named Madison and a boy named Paul…

Madison Foster knew she was going blind. But she didn’t want pity–not from her mother, not from her roommate, and especially not from her best friend Paul–the man she secretly loved.

Paul Tilden knew a good thing when he saw it. And a good thing was his friendship with Maddie Foster. That is, until he started to fall in love.

With the music of the seventies as their soundtrack and its groovy fashions as their scenery, Maddie and Paul were drawn together and driven apart. Then one night changed everything…forever.

And only now, when life tiptoes past the edge of yesterday, along the rim of today, can they glimpse the beauty that awaits them…beyond the night.

Kait’s Notes:

This was an incredibly moving book.  I loved the story of Paul and Maddie, and how everything wasn’t just so easy and cut and dry.  They did a lot of growing up and growing together in this book.  I totally had a giant sob-fest at the end, and if you read the book, you’ll totally understand why.  And if you know me, you’ll know that I don’t usually cry over books.  Rob could tell you that I could hardly even talk through the crying.  But it was good crying, I just didn’t expect that ending!

I have to absolutely comment Schalesky for making this a book about Christians that didn’t preach to Christians.  If I want to read a book on theology and how to be a good Christian, I will read one.  If I pick up a fiction book, I do expect it to be fiction, and while it may have a moral, I don’t expect it to preach at me.  I also didn’t feel like I was intruding into the private thought/prayer/spiritual lives of the people in the book, which has happened to me with other Christian literature.  I feel too vouyeristic, and that doesn’t appeal to me.  I think that overall the book was exceptionally well written, and that Schalesky knows her craft well.

My only beef with the novel was that the back was all “oh, it’s set to the music of the 70’s!”, so I expected a lot of musical references.  There were maybe two or three, if you don’t include the number of times the symphony is mentioned (which shouldn’t count – it’s not a 70’s thing).  This is not the writers doing, but a misleading note on the part of the publisher.

I would recommend this book to most people who like “mom-lit”.  If you like touching love stories, or stories about overcoming struggles, you will like this book.  If you want to read a heart-touching romance without all the sex and language that seems to be prevelent these days, you will like this book.  I don’t think that this book would appeal to teenagers, and I don’t know that many men who would enjoy this book.  It’s definitely worth the read, and I went through it quite quickly.

You can pick the book up from, and you can visit Marlo Schalesky’s website here.  Also, if you’re a Goodreads member, and want to check out her book event, follow the link!  Even if you haven’t read the book yet, but are in the area and think you might enjoy it, it might be fun to join in!