The 80's Called – They Want Their Hair Back

We have three types of hair styles around here these days.  We have the normal straight baby hair that hangs in her face.  We have the double piggie tails on top of her head (my favourite), and we have the Flock of Seagulls hair style, which is what happens when we take the piggie tails out.

Flock of Seagulls

Seriously, how can you look at this and NOT love it?  I can’t find a way.

Kitten is actually pretty good with letting me put her hair up.  Usually I turn on the TV, sit her in between my legs (she’s too tall when she’s on my lap), and do her hair as fast as I can.  It’s easiest when it’s wet, but managable to do dry as well.  My best tools are the fine-toothed comb that came with the rest of the “baby grooming” set, and the itty bitty ouchless elastics.*  I know she looks pretty old here, but this is pretty much what she looks like all the time.  Old.  Like a toddler, and not a baby at all.  It makes me a little sad, but I am enjoying this stage as much as possible.

I got to hold a 2 week old baby today, and honestly?  My overies didn’t hurt at all.  I really enjoyed the smallness of her, the smell of her, but I really really wasn’t sad that it wasn’t my baby.  I guess that means that we’re not ready for another baby.  And I’m totally ok with that.

In other news, I’ve started to care for my friend’s son for a few hours a week.  It seems to be going pretty well, although it drives me nuts all the testing he puts me through (he’s almost 2).  I find it rather frustrating that he feels the need to go and do everything that Kitten just got into trouble for.  Oh well, hopefully this behaviour will decrease as he gets more comfortable here.  It does remind me that I don’t want to do this full time (taking care of other people’s kids), which is good to know.  It’s good for Kitten too, as she loves having him around.  And I don’t mind the little extra bit of change it leaves in my wallet either! 

And in really, really different news, I’ve changed my blog layout.  Tell me what you think.  I know there are a few bugs still in it, but I am trying to work those out, but if you find any, please let me know (I already get a “fatal error” when I leave a comment, but it always records the comment anyway.  Anyone else getting the same problem?  Different problems?). 

*So my itty bitty have to stretch them to put them on the end of your pinky finger ouchless elastics (the plastic ones) are crunchy.  Has anyone else had this problem?  They stretch out, but they’re hard to begin with.