Olympic Training

I know that I don’t talk about Kitten all that much these days, but I’m really just not that sure what to say.  I mean, I don’t want to tell you that she’s has X stinky diapers this week, or blather on about other such things that no one really wants to know about.  She’s doing really well, and is thriving.  She’s getting big.  She walks around a lot, and likes to try to jump when Rob jumps around.  She still has only one tooth, so we’re expecting more at any time.  She really loves other kids, the cats, and any dogs that she comes across. I can put her hair in one center ponytail, or in two little piggie tails on top of her head. It’s so cute.

She really loves to play, and especially with Rob (I seem to be the food/diaper/comfort person, while Rob is the fun person.  I’m sure that this will change in the future, but I’m kind of ok with it as it is).  Lately, she’s been playing “hide and seek”, where she runs (!!) into our room, and hides at the end of the dresser.  You’re supposed to follow her in, and come around the corner and say “BOO!” at her so she jumps.  It’s pretty funny.  If you’re taking to long, she checks to see if you’re coming.  It’s super cute. 

For her birthday, she got this Fisher Price Kitchen.  It came with two balls, a spoon, and a frying pan.  Her latest thing has been to walk around with the one of the balls in the spoon.  She’s pretty good at it – she only drops the ball when she falls over.  Rob and I have been joking that we’re just getting her ready for those Sunday School picnic games, where you have to do a relay with the egg in the spoon.  It’s too funny, she just wanders around the house, just needing to be put back upright when she loses her balance! 

I can’t believe how big she is!  Where did my baby go?

Olympic Training

In other news, the Cloth Diaper Mama’s blog is having a giveaway again, and this time it’s hosted by me!  I’ll be giving away a set of six microfleece diaper liners.  Go here to read about it and enter the contest!