Cinnamon Roll Heaven

Last week (or maybe the week before, I don’t know), I decided to make cinnamon rolls.  It’s one of Rob’s and my favourite treats, but something that we’ve had to cut out of our budget (you know, so we could buy milk and stuff).  I thought I would surprise Rob one day and make some at home so we could enjoy them without the monetary guilt.  I canvassed around, and my good friend sent me to Pioneer Woman.

I’m not a regular reader of Pioneer Woman.  I’m just not.  Don’t know why, but I suppose that her stuff just didn’t interest me.  So I didn’t even think to check there, even though I’ve heard lots of raves about her recipes.  So, I went over and checked, and holy cow!  Her recipe is for certain The Best Ever.  Go look at the link, I’ll wait.

Ok, you’re done?  You looked at it?  Here’s my advice on her recipe:

1.  Make sure that you use a big pot to put the dough in, don’t transfer the scalded milk over to a different bowl.  It saves time, and it works really really well just to use a giant pot.  Believe me.

2.  Don’t melt your butter all the way like she does.  If its really soft (as in, sat out for the past several hours), it will spread really well with a spatula, but more importantly, it won’t run off the edges of your dough like mine did.  I had a giant butter puddle on the counter, and it was a pain in the rump to clean up.  The people at the Professional Cinnamon Roll Place use really really soft butter, so I suggest that you do that too.

3.  I used brown sugar instead of white to spread on the rolls.  It lends more colour, plus I just like the depth of flavour in brown sugar.  You can do what you want, but I liked the brown.

4.  Roll the way that she tells you to.  Read the directions for SURE, and roll it so it’s a long roll, not a really fat roll.  I did one the long way, and one the short way, and the long roll works WAY better. 

5.  Place your rolls in your pans strategically.  If you like taller, more doughy rolls (like Cinnzeo), pack them tighter into the pan so they rise up instead of spreading out.  They won’t bake quite as thoroughly, so that will give you that chewier texture.  If you like them a bit drier and more like a bun, put them with more space in the pan.  I have to do half and half because I prefer them chewier, and Rob likes them more like bread. 

I was too lazy to make the icing (also, I didn’t have icing sugar, and they really DON’T need icing), so we ate ours plain.  In, like, a week.  We ate 30 cinnamon rolls in 1 weeks time.  We’re disgusting.  But the rolls are so, so good! 

If you want to store them, I recommend that you wrap the cooled rolls individually in cling wrap, then put them in a freezer bag in the freezer.  then you can get them out one at a time, and it protects them longer against freezer burn (not that ours were in there long enough to get freezer burn, but you know what I mean). 

We really, really loved this recipe, and I will definitely make it again!  It was so awesome. 

Cinnamon Rolls