All the Things She Said*

*For some reason, whenever I think of tattoos, that song by TATU get’s stuck in my head.  And then I kill myself, but you know how it goes. 

I finally got my tattoo on Saturday.  I put down my deposit and started talking to my tattoo artist on March 22nd, so this has been a long time coming.  I didn’t really think about it too much (you know, only once or twice a day) in the week leading up to the big event, but by Saturday morning I was pretty nervous.  Rob came with me to hold my hand, and to keep me company.  I wasn’t sure of Sean (the artist) would be a talkative guy or not, and didn’t want to be totally bored when I was there.  Plus it’s always nice to have support.  Anyway,  when we first got there we had to wait a bit while he made up the stencil.  It didn’t take too long, and it gave me a chance to go through the portfolio books again.  Not that I really needed too, but I wanted to look through again and say “Oh yeah!  I really do love his work” (and I do).

Sean was really cool about the whole thing.  I sat and watched him put together the machine, and got to look at the needles (5 in the machine for lining, 11 in the machine for colouring/shading).  He explained every little bit of how the tattoo process works, how he works, and what it would feel like… although not really.  After I got the stencil on and approved the location, I laid down on the table and he begun the lining.  I swear, getting a tattoo feels like someone is taking a very hot fork and scratching it on your skin.  I think that the lining hurt the most, but mostly it was a very localized pain, whereas the shading felt more spread out and not as painful.  Once he had all the lining done, he let me up to walk around and take a look so he could set up all the colours. 

The shading and colouring took the most amount of time, but Sean was so great.  He chatted the whole time, and he’s very knowledgeable.  I wasn’t expecting that, but I think I made a fair amount of assumptions based on his career that probably weren’t true.  It was a lot of fun, and he was great at being distracting, which really helped.  I was pretty sore by the end, as I had been laying in one position for a long time.  The flowers were the last thing that he did, and boy howdy did those hurt.  I’m not sure if I just hit my pain tolerance, or if the flowers were all just on pressure points (right on the tip of the bones, near my armpit, etc.), but I think I spent the majority of the flower time with my face pushed into the table, and with my feet gripping the edges of the chair.  They hurt.  A lot.

Saturday night was pretty painful, and I didn’t sleep all that well.  On Sunday the skin stopped hurting so much, but the muscles hurt from the tattoo, as well as from sitting/laying funny (so my tattoo didn’t touch anything – I ended up with ink & blood on the sheets Saturday night, and didn’t want to leave tattoo imprints all over the house – plus, I tried to put a shirt on Sunday morning and just ended up with it stuck to my back – gross and painful).  Today it feels not too bad.  It hurts if you press on it (and when I wash/moisturize it), but I wouldn’t know that I’ve had it done otherwise. 

I’m really looking forward to when it all heals so I can see what it looks like without any swelling/redness.  I really love my tattoo, and would totally recommend Sean to anyone who wanted to get a tattoo!

My New Tattoo