You Should Try it Because It's Free

We’re hosting a give-away on Cloth Diaper Mama’s today.  Brit is graciously giving away an adorable Peter Rabbit ring sling.  It’s super adorable, and you should check it out.  For those of you who need a tutorial on Ring Slings, be sure to visit Brit here

I am a big fan of baby-wearing… at least as much as both you and baby can stand.  I did a lot of wearing with Kitten between the ages of birth to 8 months.  I still wear her now, but it’s different.  I was lucky that my friend loaned me 3 types of carriers so we could try them all out before committing to a single carrier.  We have used the Baby Bjorn, a funky sling, a cuddle wrap, a ring sling, and a hikers back pack

Rob’s favourite is probably the Bjorn.  I think he prefers it because it’s not “girly” and it’s relatively easy to get her in and out of.  Kitten seemed to enjoy it, regardless of who was wearing it, so we used this one for quite some time – probably until she was 8 months or so (in rotation with other carriers).  I didn’t mind the Bjorn, but it wasn’t a great fit for my super curvy figure (I felt like it cut in around my waist, making my hips look bigger than necessary – but that could have just been my perception and not reality at all). 

I hated the sling I borrowed from my friend, and Kitten did too.  She would scream bloody murder from the moment you put her in until the moment you took her out.  It was kind of a high-tech hot sling, not a ring sling.  Rob never tried this carrier.  It was a pinky red colour, and if she hated it while I wore it?  I wasn’t going to get my gun-shy husband to put it on and swear off baby wearing because of it. 

The cuddle wrap did nothing for me when Kitten was tiny.  I tried it once, and it irritated my sensitive neck.  I gave it back to my friend.  Around Kitten’s 8 month birthday, I borrowed it back to try it again.  She was starting to irritate my back in my ring sling, so I thought I would try the cuddle wrap again.  LOVE!  It’s definitely hard to get into – all that wrapping and making sure everything is straight and such.  Wow.  It’s a bit of work the first time or two that you do it.  However, for a heavier baby, this is an awesome way to wear them.  There were days when Kitten wouldn’t go to sleep unless I walked her around the neighbourhood in the cuddlewrap.  We did try the wrap on my back, but it didn’t work out too well.  I’d like to try it again, now that Kitten is just that much bigger, to see if she fits in it better that way.  Truthfully, though, I don’t love that it crosses over my boobs.  No woman needs a big X across her chest.  This carrier is my first choice – I hope that now that I’m more comfortable with it, I’ll be able to use it more with the next baby.

We used a ring sling for the majority of our baby wearing “career”.  It’s a beautiful Heart-2-Heart sling, with padded sides and shoulder strap.  I often used the sling while I was nursing to support Kitten’s head (I had major fatigue in my wrists, due to marathon nursing sessions).  In public, it was a great cover-up while nursing.  It was pretty, and Kitten tolerated it well… until she was about 8 months old.  Then she didn’t want her hands tucked inside, so we gave it a break for a while.  I have used it on occasion with her being bigger, but I think I need to learn how to use it again – every time I put my heavy baby in it, my back seems to go “out”.  I’m sensitive when it comes to my back anyway, so this might just be me, but it wasn’t a feeling I enjoyed.  I should make an appointment to back to the store and have the guy there show me the best toddler positions to create the least amount of stress on me.  The ring sling was definitely my favourite choice for a newborn, and might even be for a toddler (once I figure out how to wear it with a bigger kid). 

My friend (she’s a baby wearing fiend, I suppose) has also loaned us her hiking backpack.  I think that Kitten loves this one the most right now.  It’s hella heavy, and she is too, but when you’re used to having all that weight on your front (pregnancy, nursing, just being large chested), it’s nice to have it switched to being on your back.  This is a pretty good backpack, although truthfully the only one I’ve ever owned.  Kitten is pretty heavy in it, but it hold her really snugly and securely, and she doesn’t mind sitting in it if I need to put her down for a few minutes.  Truthfully, I’m not sure that I would want to hike anywhere with this – I can’t seem to get it adjusted into a super comfortable position for me, and it tends to mash my boobs where they connect to my armpits.  That said, it worked AWESOMELY (is that a word?) for my friend.  She loved loved the backpack, and would wear her little guy around the house while doing chores. 

So there you go – there are as many carriers out there as there are people and babies – there are a lot I haven’t tried… but if you want to give a sling a try with no outlay of money, be sure to enter the Ring Sling Giveaway