Strawberry Shortcake is NOT my Friend

Here’s a fun Public Service Announcement for you:  The strawberry shortcake scented party stuff will make you want to throw up.  Just so you know.  And, the balloons don’t even smell remotely like strawberry, but much more like paint thinner.  Yum!  I’m just glad that the cups/plates/napkins didn’t stink.  That would have been terrible.

Kitten’s party was a lot of fun on Saturday – we had about 35 people out (including kids), so we had a FULL house.  It was awesome to see so many people come out to her party.  We mostly just sat around and visited, although I did make introductions, as well as we opened presents and had cupcakes (girl child got SPOILED!).  I don’t have much to report in regards to good stories from the party, so I suppose that I’ll just leave you with the pictures, instead.

Oh – did I mention that Kitten is walking?  It started last Wednesday, a few days before her party. 

Did I mention she walks?

We are Teh Awesome

Elton John Eats Cake