GRPR Blog Tour: Blood Brothers by Rick Acker

Blood Brothers by Rick Acker

Important Info:

ISBN – 10: 0825420075

Format: Trade Paperback

Publisher: Kregel Publications


Neurostim is a brand new drug that dramatically increases productivity and creativity.  Developed from the seeds of a long-extinct Norwegian tree, Neurostim dramatically improves response time by allowing subjects to think and process information more quickly. The implications are staggering. It could help people in all walks of life, but could easily become a lifesaver for policemen, fireman, doctors and other first responders. But initial tests reveal a hiccup—some of the monkeys tested exhibited maniacal, homicidal behaviors. As the lead lab tech was approaching company authorities with the evidence, however, she was killed in a mysterious one-car accident.

Without any reported side-effects, the FDA authorizes human trials of Neurostim and the trials appear to go smoothly. Brothers Karl Bjornsen and Gunnar Bjornsen, however, are deeply embroiled in a bitter legal battle for control of the company—and Neurostim.  Gunnar developed Neurostim while working as President of Bjornsen Pharmaceuticals and he’s the only one who knows the secret formula. When Karl ousted Gunnar as President, Gunnar took the formula with him. 

What begins as a simple trade secrets case, however, quickly escalates and becomes more complex as Gunnar’s lawyer, Ben Corbin, discovers embezzlement and bribery with Karl as the prime suspect. When Ben and his team travel to Norway to investigate the accounting discrepancies with the company’s Norwegian branch, Bjornsen Norge, their very lives become endangered.

Is Karl Bjornsen behind the Norwegian attacks that endanger Ben and his team? Is Neurostim safe? Can the FDA stop the clinical trials on Neurostim before it’s too late?

Stuff I Liked: 

It was a great, fast paced plot with lots of twists and turns.  There is an underlaying romantic theme going on, as well as a lot of other issues.  There also was very little preachiness – I didn’t feel like the author wanted to teach me a lesson, just share a great fiction story about Christians. 

Stuff I Didn’t Like: 

Honestly?  I’m not a huge fan of legal thrillers, so this one didn’t do a lot for me.  Any fan of that genre will LOVE this book.  In fact, I recommend that you go out and pick up both Blood Brothers, and Dead Man’s Rule (the first in the series) right now.  I have an advanced readers copy, and there are a few typos, and that always irritates me (I have to remember that an ARC isn’t finished – those will get cleaned up before the book goes to final print). 

I give this book a total 5 out of 5.  It was very interesting, and I really enjoyed reading it.  Don’t forget to check out Rick’s website!